Ryan Murphy decided to cast Evan Peters in Dahmer after hearing that he wanted to play someone normal.

Ryan Murphy decided to cast Evan Peters in Dahmer after hearing that he wanted to play someone normal.

One of Netflix's biggest blockbusters in 2022 was Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, demonstrating that audiences are still thirsty for bloody real crime serial killer films. Even by the standards of previous killers, Dahmer's deeds are horrifying and abhorrent, so it's a credit to Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters that they were able to make his story so interesting and intriguing.

Peters has already garnered high accolades for his portrayal of the main character, but according to a thorough investigation of the production by The Hollywood Reporter, it appears he originally wanted a cuddlier and cosier role from his frequent partner.

Murphy said that Peters had stated his desire to portray a "regular" character and perhaps take on a rom-com. He claimed that after interviewing about 100 candidates for the role of Dahmer, he took the script to Peters. "He called me the following day and said, 'It's really difficult. Even though I'm frightened of it, I kind of have to say yes because it's so challenging.
Peters further disclosed that in an effort to comprehend Dahmer's acts, he had read every book, newspaper, and court record he could get his hands on, as well as extensive amounts of Dahmer-related material. Additionally, he tried his best to record Dahmer's voice and body language.

Then came the physical aspect, which I knew would be quite challenging. He walks and talks without moving his arms, which is one of his many visible characteristics. In order to attempt to stay in it so that it would become second nature, I did a lot of study on him, his movements, working out with weights on my arms, wearing clothing, and other things that I would take with me throughout the day. After that, I recorded a 45-minute audio composite that I listened to every day to try to grasp his speech pattern and dialect as well as his motivations for doing what he did.

It doesn't sound enjoyable to go that deeply into a serial killer's mind, but judging by the show's meteoric rise to the top of the Netflix charts, positive reviews, and impending billion-hour milestone, it must have been worthwhile.

Let's hope Peters gets a more endearing and cute character this time and can leave the cannibal necrophiliac mass murderer behind him because Murphy appears to be veering away from serial killers for his upcoming series American Love Story.

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