Rupal Nanda Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Rupal Nanda Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More


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Beauty is an abstract concepts impossible to be confined in narrow brackets of stereotypes. In an era of skinny models with zero size, amid the overwhelming propaganda that starvation is beauty's one-stop destination, some brave hearts emerge challenging the narrow notions of beauty. Plus-sized models break the stingy stereotypes than the slim own the monopoly of beauty. Today, INFOSAURS has ventured into the life of one such courageous and beautiful plus-size artist who standing in defiance to all the modern dogmas of 'the right size and shape', proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Rupal Nanda is a gorgeous model who has made a mark in fields of acting and modeling. Let us investigate the influential story of this gorgeous talent. 

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Rupal Nanda was born in New Delhi on 19 December 1984 to a marvelous mother Late Mrs. Rekha Moopnar and super father Mr. Shri Ram Chandran Moopnar. Rupal got schooled in Daisy Dale Senior Secondary School in New Delhi. Here, she was trained and provided a rock-solid foundation. She has always been a Delhite and this is where she enjoyed and experienced her cherishable childhood. After schooling, she pursued and earned her graduation through a correspondence course. And that is all about the childhood. Rupal was now all grown up ready to craft her career and live her life, spread the wings, and fly. 

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Rupal is literally what her name means - blessed with boundless beauty. A very beautiful chubby face forms the corner stone of her charms. Cute and lifted cheeks, sweet lips and a prominent carved chin gives distinct features to her sweet face. Her enigmatic eyes are dark brown. She fashions long and silky brown hair which are a picture of health and nourishment. Rupal has a great height of 5'7" and a weight of 95 kg. God has bestowed her generous curves and she measures 46-40-47. She also sports 3 fashionable tattoos on her body. On her chest, she has a pretty butterfly. On one forearm, it is written 'Dipak' and on the other forearm, 'Jai Kalka Maa' is engraved. 

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Her career and the journey has been no walk-on cake. From a very young age of 17, Rupal had plunged into the life of struggle. She began with performing for several print shoots. They were going pretty good and all was fine until a great misfortune struck her in 2007 where she lost her dear family. It was quite tough on her. After a certain period, Rupal joined politics. She was the General Secretary of Industrial Cell in Delhi for the Congress party. She started working sincerely and was giving her best doing the groundwork. Though the work was good, it was not fulfilling. Rupal constantly felt the void due to the unfulfillment of her biggest dream - to become an actor and model. She decided to discontinue politics. Her life took a new turn and a great one when she got romantically involved. Rupal shares dreamily how all this happened. She met Dipak Nanda on Facebook and in no time both were totally, utterly, hopelessly smitten with each other. No wonder, within 10 months of knowing each other, they decided to tie the nuptial knot in December 2011.  Now, Rupal was parentless and also elder to Dipak. Like in typical Bollywood movies, parents were fiercely against this. Yet again, like a movie, Dipak fought with his family for his love, fought a lot, and finally, the lovebirds decided to flee and got married in Amritsar. The family had no choice but to accept these lovers back and they were married in full traditional manner amid fun and festivity. Dipak's family is a very sweet one, notes Rupal. There is a younger sister and younger brother apart from Dipak's parents. Dipak is Rupal's support-pillar and best friend who never stopped believing in her. Dipak is a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and gymnasium owner who is popular as the Indian Rock. His YouTube channel has over 60k+ subscribers and he has a huge fan-following. 

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Post marriage, Rupal tells that she had put on quite a lot of weigh. Dipak always supported her and loved her. In 2017, Rupal grabbed her first big photoshoot as a plus-size model in a major brand. After some period, she worked as a female lead in the movie 'White Tiger' opposite  Sharib Hashmi, who is a big name. This is how her big journey shot off and today, she proudly and happily shares the great joy it brings when people call her their inspiration. As on date, Rupal has over 80,000 followers in Instagram and a huge number of subscribers on YouTube as well. She is doing very well, her career is pretty poised and she easily earns 1-2 lakhs a month. Her future plans are many, of which the main one is working for promotion of several top brands. She is also planning to work in a web series, soon. In upcoming December, Rupal is probably going to host a bodybuilding event (probably involving The Indian Rock, Dipak). 

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36-year-old Rupal is lovingly called Ruppu by her family and close friends circle. Ruppu is a Saggitarius. She enjoys movie-watching a lot. Her favorite actors are Ranveer Singh and Kareena Kapoor. The iconic 'Titanic' is her favorite movie. Mirzapur and Lucifer are two web series which have impacted her the most. Food is always a delight for anyone and her favorites are varieties of pizzas.. Black and red are the colors most beloved to her. For traveling, Ruppu would place Goa on the top. For living permanently, Manali is her best choice. Enjoying music, dancing, traveling to new places, and interacting with new people are what form her favorite hobbies. She shares that although she may appear and hence people may think as if she is quite calm, but she can get really angry. This is one of her shades unknown to many.  She has many good habits. Being deeply religious (as suggested also by her tattoo which reads Jai Kalk maa). She always helps stray animals and slum dwellers. She also has her fair share of bad habits - Binging on junk food and staying up till very late at night. Ruppu is not given to smoking. She does consume liquor, but only red wine. To remain happy, her mantra is to stay carefree and to forgive because forgiveness always brings great relief. Also, one should avoid the company of negative people. 

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As a child, she was quite naughty. She used to love pretty flowers and was always eyeing the gardens in her neighborhood. Whenever she saw a chance, she used to steal all those flowers. In the process, once she even got caught! Her dream is intricately tied with her world, i.e. hubby Dipak. She dreams to see Dipak furling the Indian Flag on an international bodybuilding platform. Right from her school days, she used to often bunk classes to go and audition for acting roles. As her father was a Tamilian, Ruppu had a lot of Tamil influence and her idol and inspiration for taking up acting was Jai Lalitha. She believes that there is no talent which is without value. What is next to her? She wants to become fit and following her hubby's example, she is set to start working out regularly.

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Crasher of common norms 
Rupal's a beauty storm 
A plus-size model, who defied all odds 
In her own charming aura, Rupal rocks 
About 84.4K+ followers, her Instagram flocks 
In her unique magnetic style, Rupal rocks 
More than 15 years, her struggle has grown 
As a Congressian worker too, she has been known 
With a vast and varied experience, She grows 
Rups is a multi-talented artist 
And thus the world knows 
In the company of her hubby, her life has blossomed 
Dipak- The Indian Rock - is her lover n hubby awesome 
Against all the odds and problems, Rupal prevails 
Gorgeous Rupal is awesome, her fans heartily hail 
With hard work and talent, may she keep rising 
May Rupal keep enchanting and always inspiring 
With awesomeness and dedication, she keeps shining 
May Rupal keep amazing, may she keep inspiring

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