Rreyansh Siingh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Rreyansh Siingh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


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A producer is a mastermind behind a classy movie, which is simply his brainchild. He births a brilliant idea, molds and weaves a plot, tailors the revolving situations, and seamlessly brings them all together into a masterful movie. What would it be like if a promising producer is also an actor incredible? It would be like a master battle-strategist who is also a wonderful warrior himself! Rreyansh Siingh is one such unique combination which INFOSAURS is bringing for you, here. So what is it like to meet a professional actor cum film producer? It follows.

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The royal personality called Rreyansh was born on 28 February 1993 in the beautiful town of Bhilai in Chhattisgarh. His childhood and upbringing; everything happened in the quiet and peace of Bhilai. He earned his solid primary and secondary education from Nirmal English Medium School. After graduating from school, Rreyansh gained his graduation from Golds Gym University Mumbai. This can be considered as his foundational move towards the film industry. And like that, he was ready to go; to positively influence the cinematic universe.

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28-year-old Rreyansh is a rare and royal presence impossible to ignore. Standing 6'2" tall and weighing 82 kg, Rreyansh is a picture of health, fitness, and beauty. He has a handsome face with unique features. His dark black eyes are as interesting as are magnetic. He fashions his healthy black hair in the trendiest of fashion, which furthers his charming persona. Well aware of the truth contained in "A picture is worth a thousand words", it is wiser to read the fascinating features of Rreyansh in the pictures that follow.

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Whatever heights Rreyansh enjoys this day were never reached without challenges. Rreyansh began his career as a model during his college days. He worked in a fashion firm and organized shows. Times were tough and the struggle was real. Success was ever elusive. Once Rreyansh graduated, he shifted to Mumbai for pursuing post-graduation. He was busy searching for a break, with the dream of establishing himself as an actor. Meanwhile, he worked as a freelancer for Digital Marketing companies involved in film promos. It was through them that Rreyansh struck his gold; got his lucky break. And that was it. Rreyansh took a giant leap and started working as a successful actor. Not only that, he also got into film production. He has worked as the lead actor in 2 movies. The first one is set to release while the second movie too is around the corner. He owns a brand 'myFCTV'. It is a Fashion and Culture T.V., which is his own startup. The video streaming app for this T.V. is about to launch. Rreyansh aspires this one to become a global startup. Rreyansh is also quite active in social media and handles several popular social media accounts. His Instagram handle is "rreyanshsiingh" which has more than 20k+ followers. His YouTube channel is well-received as well. After these, Rreyansh is tied with some big-budget projects.

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Rocking Rreyansh is a fascinating package with many interesting traits. He is an Arian who is currently single because, as he says, work is all he is 'engaged with', currently. As any regular Indian, Rreyansh thoroughly enjoys watching movies. 'Rang De Basanti' appeals to his heart. Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, and South Indian actresses, especially Nayanthara are the actors most admired by Rreyansh. He also takes delight in web series and crime thriller is his favorite genre. He is a nice devotee who loves Lord Shiva and that's why, travel destinations of his choice would be any place with shivaalaya. This colorful personality pegs 'Red' and 'Black' as his favorite colors. His dearest hobby is dancing. 

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Rreyansh discloses that he is the kind of person who is like an open book. Still, limited people understand him. He loves spending time with himself, which helps him in strategizing about his future. He leads a healthy life which has no place for smoking or drinking. He believes that being a child from within helps everyone be happy. A very serious person hardly enjoys life and is a pretty boring company, Rreyansh observes. If one starts with his naughty side, he won't know where to begin. Bunking classes, skipping examinations - he was a child always ready to mess around. Even at this age, nothing much has changed. He still often pranks with his colleagues, friends, and family. What inspired Rreyansh to be an actor was his childhood dream to be an actor. He says that he is right on the right way.

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An actor and a producer, clubbed into one
Meet Rreyansh, the artist - brilliant as sun
A fantastic social media presence, spreads his charm
And all that he is: An actor lovely and warm
A Fashion and Culture T.V., is a startup he owns
Which has succeeded superbly, dazzlingly it shope
An Arian by birth, he makes his own way
Rreyansh is the rising sun, growing brighter every day
His acting and film-producing, never cease to amaze
Rreyansh is the rising sun, growing brighter every day

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