Royal biographer: Prince Harrys Upcoming Memoir Title Indicates Deep Shame

Royal biographer: Prince Harrys Upcoming Memoir Title Indicates Deep Shame

On Thursday, October 27, hours following the publication of Prince Harry's long-rumored memoir, Spare, it appears there might be some meaning to the book's mysterious title.

This title, which allegedly refers to the phrase "the heir and the spare" frequently used to refer to Harry and brother Prince William, suggests the "deep shame" the royal reportedly felt growing up with his older brothers, the future King of England, according to biographer Angela Levin.
The book, which is scheduled to be released on January 10, 2023, "tells you what he feels about himself with some tremendous profound remorse that somehow he didn't feel he was better than that," according to Levin.

Though Princess Diana, the late mother of Harry and William, "did her absolute best" to ensure that her younger son "wouldn't feel like that," the author added, "She tried to convince him there were more alternatives, more things would be accessible to him," Levin guessed he probably still struggled.
As a result, Levin predicts that Harry's book will go well beyond its promise of "unflinching honesty," turning "nasty" against his estranged family.

The writer joked, "I believe it's cruel." She added that King Charles III still "loves Harry very, very deeply" despite their conflicts, so "that's the answer to should you trust him."
Prince William may identify with this book because he and his younger sibling used to be "very, very close."
Harry reportedly informed Levin that they had special experiences that no one else would have had. A very young child losing their mother is one. When they had never met or even spoken to his mother, thousands of people began to watch them and cry.
The author claimed that "those two things" together had forged a deep bond between the rulers during their formative years.

William was a very good older brother, Levin added, although "Harry has not been very nice in recent years," noting that "William looked after" his brother rather frequently for this reason.

"I believe that publishing a tell-all book while knowing that his family won't file a lawsuit and won't respond... It's one-way nastyness," joked Levin.

The Sun covered Levin's most recent remarks regarding the planned book by Prince Harry.

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