Romeo Beckham gets a kiss on the cheek from an unidentified woman.

Romeo Beckham gets a kiss on the cheek from an unidentified woman.

Romeo Beckham published a neatly cropped photo on his Instagram Story on Friday and got a kiss on the cheek from an unidentified love interest.

Following their breakup four months ago, the 20-year-old was seen enjoying the social media posts of his model ex-girlfriend Mia Regan, 19.

David and Victoria's kid wore a brown bomber jacket and sunglasses for his most recent post, looking stylish, but making sure his friend's face was hidden.
After dating for three years, Mia and Romeo decided to part ways this summer.

Romeo, however, made headlines on Tuesday after he liked an Instagram post made by his ex-girlfriend.

For a response, MailOnline has gotten in touch with Romeo's agent.

The couple announced their separation four months ago, and Romeo afterwards removed any references to London-based model Mia from his Instagram.
Romeo was pursuing a football career in Miami, Florida, and it is thought that the strain of a long-distance romance ultimately caused the couple to split up.
Since their breakup was made official in July, the celebrity offspring's liking of Mia's post is now unusual.

With the message, "If you scroll, you can see me critiquing my attire," Mia shared a selfie of herself, which she followed with another selfie.

Romeo wasn't the only fan to notice Mia's image; someone else said, 'Hot stuff,' and another added, 'Beautiful as always gorgeous girl.
She continues to be friendly with his family and has even worked on a fashion line with his mother Victoria Beckham.

The couple's separation was prompted by pressure brought on by their competing work schedules, according to sources who spoke to MailOnline. Romeo spent a lot of time in the United States while he pursued a football career.

Romeo presently plays for Inter Miami II, a squad managed by Phil Neville, a family friend and former teammate of Romeo's father David at Manchester United.

In essence, the long-distance romance at their early ages took its toll, a source told MailOnline. Both Romeo and Mia are charming young individuals who adore one another. Mia is also well-liked by her family.

She's still working with Victoria Beckham, but regrettably, Romeo and Mia are no longer a couple.

Romeo is concentrating on his football and is a Miami resident, the source continued. "It's friendly." They continue to encourage one another in their various endeavours.

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