Rohan Porwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Rohan Porwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


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It is a well-known adage that 'You are what you wear!' or more famously 'Clothes maketh a man'. So what about those who actual design and make these clothes which in turn makes men (or women)? These designers surely tailor much more than mere clothes, they stitch personalities. So, INFOSAURS today, brings for you, a mind-blowing 'Men's ethnic fashion designer'. Rohan Porwal is the designer here. Apart from that, Rohan is also a wonderful digital marketer and event curator, which means he wields the magic wand which can turn any event ordinary into an occasion extraordinary! So, without much ado, let us try and know more about this great talent.

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Rare talent Rohan was born on 20.01 in the metropolis of Bengaluru to a wonderful dad Mr. Ashok Porwal and the tender mother Mrs. Suman Porwan. Born in Bengaluru, Rohan was brought up in Mayanagari Mumbai and currently he stays in Bangalore. Rohan was imparted quality education in Delhi Public School, Bengaluru (South), and later on in Ryan International School, Kandivali, Mumbai. Then, after high school, Rohan obtained his graduation from Lala Lajpat Rai College, Mumbai. And that is all about the short journey up till the point when Rohan decided to make it big.

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The very talented Rohan is an attractive personality. With 6'2" and just 75 kg of proportional matter, Rohan is a picture of health and handsomeness. He holds your attention with his fiery black eyes and attractive black hair. This powerful attraction is an Aquarian. Also, this formidable and impressive personality is fondly called 'Cheeku' by his loved ones. Cheeku does not like artificiality marking his lovely body and hence has no tattoos.

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He has been independent since he was just 16! He is a ticketing partner with the famous 'Sunburn', which is the exotic electronic dance music festival held in India! He is the proud owner of a popular ethnic store, Kurtaghar in Chickpete, Bengaluru. The wide variety of colorful and trendy Kurtas showcased in this store are too amazing for words. Apart from this great garment store, Rohan also holds promise in digital marketing. He’s also recently started his blogging and is featured on h&m. He offers his digital marketing services to very successful companies like the Gala Group. Also, he is an expert in event curation! Give him any plain occasion and with his magical choices of food, music, fun events, decoration, design, fashion, etc, Rohan would turn it into a memorable event fit for a king! Right now, his brand Kurtaghar is doing pretty well and this forms his major source of income along with digital marketing and event curation. His immediate plan for the future is an expansion of his Kurtaghar in every state of India.

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Rocking Rohan enjoys watching movies from which he draws a lot of lessons. His most loved movie is Deepika and Ranbir starrer Yeh Jawani Hai Deewaani. Money Heist and F.R.I.E.N.D.S are his favorite web series. Hrithik and Deepika are his favorite actors. He likes enjoying delicious food and his favorite cuisine is the classic middle eastern snack 'Hummus with Pita'. He has a different taste in colors and holds 'Beige' or light greying brown as his favorite color. Like any of us, traveling entices him. One place which he'd love to visit the Maldives. He is a fit person who enjoys working out. His pastimes include cycling. He has some great good habits. He is very caring towards everyone. He has a bad habit of not listening to anyone. He also smokes and drinks occasionally. His mantra for a happy life is doing everything that makes you happy. He has had a naughty childhood and once he went crazy enough to go breaking into someone's house for food! His dream is simple. He wishes to give every happiness to his parents and become everything they want him to be. What inspired him to be an artist is to create a difference and pass on examples to society. Also, he wishes to be a successful businessman and uphold his dignity always. As per him, being good with gadgets is the most useless talent he has! But hey! Isn't that damn useful stuff?

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The dress maketh a man and Rohan maketh those dresses!
With Kurtaghar Brand famous, Your dressing need he addresses
Also an excellent digital marketer, today INFOSAURS beings
Rohan also rocks as an event curator, and in lots of other things
To expand Kurtaghar PAN India, is Rohan's noble dream
And he is soon gonna succeed or so it seems
With a creative mind, excelling in multiple professions
Rohan Porwal is a success story, he is an inspiration
Between hard-work and success, Rohan's life proves a relation
Rohan Porwal is a success story, he is an inspiration.

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