Rod Stewart declined an offer of more than $1 million to perform in Qatar because it was "wrong to go."

Rod Stewart declined an offer of more than $1 million to perform in Qatar because it was "wrong to go."

According to Rod Stewart, he declined an offer to perform in Qatar for more than $1 million (about £845,000).

The musician revealed that he has been approached to perform a concert in the nation in 2021 while talking about the next World Cup.

The Sunday Times quoted Stewart, 77, as saying, "I was genuinely promised a lot of money, over $1m, to play there 15 months ago." "I rejected it. Going is not appropriate. Iran should also be held accountable for providing armaments, too.

The comedian Joe Lycett threatened to shred £10,000 off of David Beckham if the athlete didn't back out of his World Cup deal in Qatar before the rocker made his remarks. He apparently receives a £10 million salary as an ambassador.

Given that he had previously been seen as a strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, Beckham has come under fire for accepting the money from a nation where homosexuality is against the law.

The next competition, which starts on November 20, has many fans anxious, with others worrying about their safety while in Doha.

Robbie Williams' intention to perform in Qatar in December sparked a ferocious outcry when it was revealed.
On Have I Got News For You earlier this month, Gary Neville, who is commentating the World Cup, lauded Ian Hislop for his "bang on" observations on the event.

Qatar will host the 2018 Fifa World Cup from November 20 through December 18. Read more about the controversy surrounding the nation that is hosting the competition here.

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