Rhea Ripley cites a WWE Hall of Famer as an inspiration.

Rhea Ripley cites a WWE Hall of Famer as an inspiration.

Nearing her 26th birthday, WWE superstar Rhea Ripley has already made a name for herself as the first-ever "NXT UK" Women's Champion, a "NXT" Women's Champion, a "Raw" Women's Champion, and she now occupies a special position inside The Judgement Day stable. Each week, Ripley displays a domineering and cunning side as she attempts to project the most repulsive heel character she is capable of in order to advance the plot of the faction. She will unavoidably be compared to Hall of Famers like Beth Phoenix and Chyna because she is such a strong, independent woman, but Ripley tells Fox Sports that she enjoys it.
"Finding out who I am as a person and showcasing that to the world has been a learning process. I admired folks like Beth Phoenix when I was younger. She was distinctive in the way she was built, huge, beefy, and muscular, and she was determined to destroy everyone who stood in her way. That person was someone I admired. Therefore, to sort of be thrust into that role where I've now invested the time and effort in the gym and turned my body into this weapon of mass destruction as well, but to not only do that within myself but also to demonstrate to everyone that they should be at ease in their own skin and not care about what others think... I find that to be incredibly unique."

Ripley hasn't competed in an official match since the June 6, 2022 "Raw," when she defeated Doudrop, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan in a four-way #1 contenders match, despite playing a crucial part in The Judgement Day and the story the gang tells. She would later admit on social media that she needed time away from the ring to recover from a "brain/teeth" ailment she was dealing with.

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