Review of The Perfumier on Netflix (2/5)

Review of The Perfumier on Netflix (2/5)

A new thriller on Netflix called THE PERFUMIER is based on a book by Patrick Süskind. It is German (original title: Der Parfumeur), just like the fantastic Netflix series. And yes, this movie has a connection to the Netflix series, but only insofar as it advances the plot. Not really because it makes a lot of sense.

Let me be completely honest: I was sorely let down by this film. Despite the title, the focus of this film is on a different character, and I have no interest in their story. You should be aware of the general plot in advance because the storytelling in this thriller is disjointed. If not, good luck trying to keep up!

Below is our review of the movie The Perfumier. On September 21, 2022, Netflix will release the movie.

What a disaster!
I'll admit that I was pretty excited to see this movie, so perhaps I had high expectations. Interestingly, I didn't expect so much because I had a strange sensation that this wouldn't work very well. However, I was terribly let down because the newest Netflix film The Perfumist is a complete mess!

We begin by diving into not one, but two stories. This means that after an oddly disorganised and quick start, there will be slow-burning moments and uninteresting parts. This movie is only 96 minutes long, so that is practically a success in and of itself.

If only the title's promise that this film would be about The Perfumist had been fulfilled. Instead, we have a narrative that focuses mostly on a female detective pursuing the murderer—who is, as we all know, the perfume producer. If you're familiar with the plot of Patrick Süskind's book, that is. You'll just have to work to keep up if not!

The character of Sunny, the detective, is played by Emilia Schüle (Treadstone). Although I have nothing negative to say about this performer, the character in this story is simply plain dull.

Sunny is dating Juro, a character played by Robert Finster, who was fantastic in the Netflix series Freud but is boring here. Juro is Sunny's coworker. I could care less that Juro is occasionally seeing Sunny and occasionally getting back together with Rosa, the mother of his two children.

Where is my account of The Perfumist, a serial killer?

It's there, I suppose, but only when we have a break from all the drama.
Is there a connection between The Perfumist and the Perfume series?
Yes, there is a connection between the new Netflix film The Perfumist and the Perfume television series. The series excelled in maintaining the gloomy atmosphere and focusing on the darker sides of human nature, as well as the dominance of want over love; this film does not.

One character, Moritz de Vries, serves as the link between the two titles.

And sure, August Diehl portrays Moritz de Vries in The Perfumist just as he did in the Perfume series. However, rather than adding anything truly significant to the tale, it seems more like an afterthought. A small amount of star power is added to the film by seeing August Diehl, but not much. basically a cameo

If Moritz de Vries hadn't been in the movie, nothing would have altered about the plot. Dorian plays the serial killer of scent in this new 2022 film (though his birthname is Noah, which made me think of Dark).

Ludwig Simon portrays Dorian, and he does a great job. He really doesn't get nearly enough time to fully develop his persona. His narrative is largely presented through flashbacks or casual remarks. It's strange and so awful!
Netflix's The Perfumist is available to watch, or not.
The Netflix film The Perfumist is directed and co-written by Nils Wilbrandt and Kim Zimmerman. Nils Wilbrandt typically co-writes and co-directs a variety of German crime and drama shows. And it's obvious!

If you want to see this brief epilogue to the utterly fantastic Perfume series, you may watch The Perfumist on Netflix. Expect nothing more than a really terrible episode of a subpar (at best!) criminal series, though. You should certainly watch the Netflix series Perfume (original title: Parfume) if you haven't already.

Or you could simply watch the Ben Whishaw and Dustin Hoffman film from 2006. Watch both that film and the Netflix series, in fact. Since they are so dissimilar, seeing one won't harm the other in any case.

However, viewing this most recent Netflix film might make you want to avoid any adaptation of Patrick Süskind's story, which would be unfortunate. Instead, watch the Netflix original series DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which debuted on this exact same day, if you want to learn more about a serial killer.

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