Reshma Mirza Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Reshma Mirza Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Development or progress is a patient and steady journey. Be it human resources or social media, to evolve and develop them is a committed and religious journey. And this time, for you, INFOSAURS brings a simultaneous pilgrim of both these developments. Reshma Mirza is a unique combination of professional HR and social media developer from Durgapur. Without much dilly-dallying, we dive straight into the life of this delightful damsel.

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Rare talent Reshma was born on 07.11.1995 in the beautiful city of Durgapur to Mr. Hasan J. Mirza and Mrs. Dipali Mirza. Together with her brother Ashik Mirza, Reshma rejoiced in a fulfilling and nurturing childhood. Her solid educational foundation was laid in St. Michaels, Durgapur. Then she went on to acquire the prestigious B.A. English Honors from Michael Madhusudan Memorial College. After that, Reshma earned her MBA HR from Amity University. And this way, the little bud had blossomed into a full-scaled flower lovely. Reshma was ready to fly to her career.

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If we look at how it all began, it is a story of an inspirational mother. A great actress in popular soap operas, her mother inspired her to blossom facing cameras. Reshma had always contained the fire to be a model. With her maa's blessings, she started with photoshoots of hometown photographers, to whom she stays ever thankful for helping her dissolve away her discomfort facing cameras. This was before her post-grad, for which, ultimately, she moved to Mumbai. Here, she worked with renowned photographers who groomed her teaching her about great poses, expressions and above all the quality of being brave and dauntless. It was here that Reshma and her charms and talents bagged her innumerable projects with many reputed skincare and fitness projects.

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Reshma, who had never even dreamt of one day becoming a paid content creator, but fate had other plans. The Souled Store, Sanfe, Villain, Sirona, Noia, Plix, Auric, Organic Harvest, Soulflower, Power gummies, Coolberg, Becks Ice, etc. are among the cool brands Reshma has professionally worked with. The endless list speaks volumes of Reshma's magical success stories. Furthermore, ravishing Reshma owns a beautiful Instagram handle
@queenreshu,  which has already amassed more than 40k+ followers.  She is a very strong and fit woman who inspires everyone with her amazing workout reels. Also, she has very recently joined 'Moj' and has already won over 1000 followers. What's next for her? Several modeling projects are lined up and also, soon, she plans to hit the stage in the fitness category.

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26-year-old Reshu (as fondly called by friends and family) is a perfect picture of beauty. With a squarish face with a remarkable jawline, slightly upturned nose, beautiful black hair falling up to her shoulders, and big and expressive black eye, Reshma is sheer hypnosis. She is 5'4" tall and weighs a mere 55 kg, which gives rise to her jaw-dropping figure of 32-28-34.  She had tattooed her amazing body at two places. There is a big Scorpio on her right upper arm and a dream catcher on her back. And that is what words can best do to describe this indescribable goddess of beauty.

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Lovingly called Queen by everyone, Rocking Reshma is an interesting personality. This model is a Scorpio as per the Zodiac. She enjoys movies thoroughly. Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar are her favorite actors. Dangal, 83 and Castaway are the movies etched deepest in her heart. Vampire diaries, The 100, Twilight, Emily in Paris, Squid Game, All of us are dead are some of her beloved web series. When it comes to color, her favorite is blue. Whom does good food not delight? Reshma enjoys South Indian cuisine the most. Reshma is yet to travel extensively. She feels that any destination in the UK would be lovely. For residence, she prefers Mumbai. She does not have fancy hobbies. It is either Netflix or sleeping. It is perhaps lesser known that apart from giving gorgeous photoshoots, Reshu is a great fitness maniac. She takes absolute care of her health and body and hence smoking or drinking find no place in her life. Her funda for a happy life is straight - stop expecting, start doing.

Her sweet childhood memories often revolve around her love for dogs. She used to feed the strays even before her family had eaten and even got scolded for this. Reshma still does that, sometimes. Her dreams are:

1. Owning her own house and car
2. Representing India in women's fitness.

When asked about one useless talent she possesses, she says that sometimes she gets panic attacks. Regarding her relationship, she shares that none of her relationships have been successful so far and currently she is single and continues to be so and to focus on herself and her work.

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INOFSAURS, today, brings up- a  unique combination of arts
An HR managing talents and making contents which win hearts
Reshma is a sensation - whose photoshoots are killer
Every aspect of her social media - is in itself a thriller
Projects with a  string of noted brands - land in her kitty
Won by her beauty, talent and  smart-work witty
Influencing thousands of Instagrammers - is her physical training
In Instagram - where inspiration is raining
This star is set to race - far ahead of sight
No doubt, Reshma is going - to shine far and bright
Making India pride - is her women-fitness and pride
No doubt, Reshma is going - to shine far and bright

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