Release information, cast, and narrative for Lindsay Lohans upcoming acting role in Falling for Christmas

Release information, cast, and narrative for Lindsay Lohans upcoming acting role in Falling for Christmas

With Netflix and Chord Overstreet, Lindsay Lohan has already made the announcement that she is returning to acting. Find out everything about the brand-new romantic Christmas film here.
The upcoming Netflix holiday romance film Falling for Christmas will be Lindsay Lohan's comeback to acting. On the basis of a scenario by Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver, it will be directed by Janeen Damian in her debut as a filmmaker. The Mean Girls actress hasn't appeared in a significant production in almost a decade.

This was due to the fact that she was going through a series of career failures, including legal and drug issues. What better way to welcome her back now that she is prepared to do so than with a memorable Christmas classic? The truth is that she won't be by herself since one of the most well-known performers, who we are all familiar with from his work on Glee, will fall in love with her character.

In a November 2021 interview with Vogue, Lohan disclosed "I believe that romantic comedies are something that we currently lack. And that's precisely what it is—a heartwarming, hilarious romantic comedy. And it's actually quite humorous. I didn't know how amusing we were going to be physically until after I read the screenplay and before we began filming. There is a lot of physical humour in it, which I really enjoyed doing and is one of my favourite things to do ".

Falling in Love with Christmas Cast
The erratic heiress who is the movie's title character will be portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. The widower who will take her in is Chord Overstreet. Other outstanding actors from the cast, including George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Chase Ramsey, Sean Dillingham, and Antonio D. Charity, will play supporting roles.

Plot of "Falling for Christmas"
The narrative centres on Lindsay Lohan's privileged heiress character, who is set to become engaged. She is given a home for Christmas by a widower and his daughter after a skiing accident leaves her memoryless.

"Days before Christmas, the spoiled, newly engaged hotel heiress suffers a skiing accident, entirely loses her memory, and ends up in the care of a gorgeous inn owner and his precocious kid," according to the official summary of the movie.

Falling in Love with Christmas launch date
The movie's first teaser, which will air on Netflix on November 10—one month before Christmas—was initially shared by Lohan. The eminent actress shared the official poster along with the following message: "October 3rd. Now, save November 10 to your calendars ". The day Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asks Cady Heron what the date is references to the memorable scene from Mean Girls.

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