Recalls how Cody Rhodes lied about seeing him on TV to a former WWE star.

Recalls how Cody Rhodes lied about seeing him on TV to a former WWE star.

Wade Barrett, a former WWE Superstar and SmackDown announcer, recently recalled how Cody Rhodes made up absurd stories about him.

Barrett made his WWE debut as The Nexus's leader. In the early weeks, the faction grabbed control of the business and emerged as a strong force. Due to some poor booking choices, The Nexus was unable to maintain its momentum, although Barrett had an outstanding run on the main roster and won the Intercontinental Championship five times.
Barrett said that he and Cody were on an online programme hosted by JBL and Michael Cole on this week's episode of Out of Character. Barrett recalls Rhodes making fun of him backstage by claiming the British wrestler was around when Cody was a youngster.

"For a number of years, Cody had been making up tales about how old I was. In the locker room, Cody is a true liar. He used to regale everyone with tales of how he used to see me wrestle Hard Boiled Haggerty on TV when he was a child and I would just come out and deliver bad news; I was known as Bad News Barrett. I have no idea how or where he acquired this." [38:47 - 39:08]
Wade Barrett greatly admires Cody Rhodes.
Despite all the teasing and humour, Barrett insisted that he had nothing but admiration for Cody Rhodes. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes' son, The American Nightmare, was said to have a keen business sense, which may have been passed down from him.

"Since he's still recovering from his injury, it's evident that we haven't run into each other. I'm looking forward to catching up with him. But yes, he is a creative genius, as one could anticipate from the prodigal son of Dusty Rhodes, a mentor and career coach to me. When it comes to the crazy thoughts he has in his head, Cody has undoubtedly inherited part of the talent of this great man." [From 40:21 - 40:44]
The 42-year-old expressed his eagerness to see Cody return to action soon.

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