Rashika Pradhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Rashika Pradhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Writing creatively and in an appealing manner is never easy. It demands a clarity of thought and simplicity of expression which comes only from deep-rooted wisdom which in turns comes from close observation of life. Rare are such artists who possess the art of impressing masses with simple yet powerful tools called words. A totally different talent is that of acting which uses voice, facial muscles, and a creative expression of the entire body to communicate a thousand emotions succinctly to make the viewers replicate the feelings intended to be conveyed. INFOSAURS, which never tires out from bringing forth talented and incredible artists, today, is introducing someone who is both, a wonderful actor and a magnificent writer. Rashika Pradhan is a fantastic talent which is about to be discussed.

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Rare Rashika was born on 23.01.1996 to a great father Mr. Rohit Pradhan and a loving mother Mrs. Kirti Pradhan in the very lovely city of Jabalpur in M.P. Her entire charming childhood was spent in this sweet city of Jabalpur where she lived each and every childhood memory together with her dear brother Kunal Pradhan. Her education was the chief focus of her parents and that is why they opted for an excellent school. She passed high school from St. Joseph’s Convent S.S School. After this, she opted for engineering. She earned her B.Tech. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya in Bhopal, M.P. And with this, the little princess had grown into the full majesty of a queen. Well equipped with a great education and her inborn prowess of writing and acting, she turned to conquer the world.

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Rashika Pradhan at Tsc camp in 10th Standard

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Rashika Pradhan with her family


Ravishing Rashika is an angel to fall for. She is a mistress of marvelous beauty. Rashika has a sweet triangular face with plump full lips. She flaunts a perfect-looking diamond shape nose and a pair of beautiful, brown, and hypnotic eyes. To all these attractions, add long and lovely light brown hair and you would sum up this heavenly beauty. She weighs 55 kg and is 5'6" tall Rashika is a picture of fitness with an admirable figure reading 34-28-36. And with such a complete package of pleasant features, Rashika comes as a personality impossible to resist.

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rashika pradhan- Max Women's Dress


This 26-year old sensation has had an interesting career progression. While she was busy unraveling the mysteries of electronics engineering, she was also constantly dreaming of doing something different. Then, suddenly, came this huge opportunity with RED FM which Rashika grabbed with both her hands. Passionately, she worked there for quite some time. Meanwhile, her engineering studies was never compromised. She was also doing theatre in Vivechan Theatre Group in M.P. Also, she started getting offers for hosting certain events. She also applied for Miss Diva which screens in participants for Miss Universe. She succeeded in being among the finalists from Mumbai. In between, she got a reputed job in Tech Mahindra which she accepted. She was luckily posted in Mumbai. She started going for acting classes while still doing her job. She soon started trying out her luck in auditions. Her talents are diverse! In her own words " I am a National level shooter and have represented my state in the Nationals at the TSC camp". She also holds a diploma in Kathak. She is also trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

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Endless are her accolades and the following is a list of her major projects.

● Gladrags mega model, channel V: "Viewers choice award", 2017.
● Miss Diva finalist road to ( MISS UNIVERSE 2017) in top 20
● Short-Film INTRUDER in HOTSTAR as a lead
● Hindi Web series The Family Man season 2 Amazon prime with Manoj Bajpayee.
● Hindi feature film Bole chudiyan with Nawazuddin Siddiqui/
● Hindi feature film Mor Doongri as Lead for Film festivals.
● Hindi Shortfilm with Dice Media for lockdown
● Hindi short film as lead in 'Paat'.
● Bollywood film 'Blank' with Sunny Deol.
● The short film "Playboy Mr. Sawhney" with Jackie Shroff.
Boss for Alt Balaji, playing the character of Avantika.
● 3 web series for Watcho ( Baal Baal Bache, Naughty wedding and let's play suicide)
● Almost 500+ stage shows all over India as a stage Anchor.
● First Chat show Chakra Yog with Neeta Singhal with Sony DADC

Besides all that, she has an amazing Instagram account which has over 40k+ followers. With those endless career highlights behind, let us move on to know Rashika a bit more.

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Royal personality Rashika has a colorful personality which demands to be studied. Her cute nicknames are Sebu and Rashi. Her zodiac is either Aquarius or Leo. Leonardo Di Caprio, Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpayee, Alia Bhatt, and Radhika Apte are some of the greatest actors in her opinion. A separation and Raazi are two movies which have impacted Rashika deeply. In the web series, Delhi Crime and The Family Man have had a great impact on Rashika. For residence, Rashika will always prefer Mumbai. Dancing and singing are her favorite hobbies. She enjoys good food and Thai curry is her favorite. Yellow is the color most interesting to her. It is a secret that Rashika is a unibrow. Rashika's positive trait is her positive attitude and non-judgemental. Her negative trait is that she does not keep a track of her calories. She is very aware about what is best for her body. So, she always avoids smoking and never takes in alcohol. Living in the moment is her mantra for a happy life. Her biggest dream is to feel contented. Shakespeare was what inspired this great actor. Once, she had played a role in a Shakespearean drama in school and that struck her eternal love affair with acting. Her childhood is full of naughty events. One day, in her school life, it was the birthday of 10 students all at once. She had then stolen and hidden away all the chocolates from all those students. They were really annoyed when they had found out that all the chocolates were hidden away on the last bench. She also shares that she has a useless talent. She can mimic a frog's voice! 

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With an usual woman, lies talents unusual 
Her writing and acting, wins everyones' approval
Be it MMA, Shooting, Kathak, or hosting 
She excels it all, give her any posting
Single-handily, he owns so many arts
Amazing is this engineer! witty and smart
And when it comes to beauty, she has it without limit
Like her innumerable skills, her charms too are infinite
Thousands of followers, in her Instagram flock
Rashika is an entertainer, who always rocks
Without a doubt, 
Rashi will always keep growing
To her feet all success 
Will continue bowing.

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rashika pradhan bio

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