Rare Look at Maci Bookouts Relationship with Ryan Edwards and His Family on Teen Mom

Rare Look at Maci Bookouts Relationship with Ryan Edwards and His Family on Teen Mom

Maybe the most scars really do heal with time.

Maci Bookout McKinney has been transparent about her distant relationship with her ex Ryan Edwards and his family while living for the Teen Mom cameras. During the reunion show in April 2021, an intense argument brought the tension to a head. In reality, shortly after the episode aired, Ryan and his parents left the franchise.

Maci is now giving us a snapshot of where everyone is right now.

She exclusively told E! News, "We're absolutely not where we were when we left that reunion. "My relationship with Ryan has been nonexistent for a long time. We don't interact or speak to one another in person. It is not an object."

The same cannot be said about Maci's relationship with Larry and Jen Edwards, Ryan's parents.
To fully look at and consider the problem and determine your future moves, you sometimes just need to step away from it, according to Maci. "I believe that their absence from the show has contributed to the development of that area. We've returned to a genuinely friendly setting. It's not phoney or forced. It's absolutely true to life. Even though it isn't very close, it's fine. It's basically a friendly relationship that is sincere."
According to Maci, Jen and Larry still have a "wonderful relationship" with her 13-year-old son Bentley, who she gave birth to with Ryan. Bentley's objective to undergo therapy with his father is still being worked on, according to Maci.

The ball is still in Ryan's court, but it hasn't happened yet, Maci said. "It always has been. It's one of those situations where Bentley will continue to live his life. He isn't holding out for Ryan. Though he has optimism, he isn't holding back on living his life until Ryan decides to enter. The things that Bentley performs will be excellent. And Ryan is free to join at any time, if he so chooses."

Ryan and his parents were contacted by E! News for comment, but no response was received.
Bentley, who is currently in eighth grade, is busy than ever as he takes on baseball, golf, and wrestling. His mother just gave him his own Instagram account with stringent rules. In addition, he keeps in touch with his family to discuss what he feels safe disclosing on MTV.

The dialogue between him and I will happen if something is brought up, Maci declared. "After that, we will speak with production or our producer to determine whether he is interested in doing it or not. We simply take his lead in that regard."

Bentley's mother can't help but applaud all of his successes while also admiring his outlook on the world around him as he develops on television.
He is a unique human, according to the Things That Matter designer. "He is the kind of unique individual who was simply born that way. He's just a unique individual. That cannot be taught. Someone cannot be bred to be that way. He is just all around kind, good, and sweet."

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