Raquelle Stevens: Who Is She? What Selena Gomezs Best Friend Is All About

Raquelle Stevens: Who Is She? What Selena Gomezs Best Friend Is All About

Selena Gomez gave an inside look into her physical and mental health concerns in her new documentary, My Mind & Me. Her frank accounts of accepting vulnerability and learning to live with her many diagnoses were powerful, but they weren't the only things viewers learned from the movie. Whether on purpose or not, the documentary's unanticipated star turned out to be the singer's close friend Raquelle Stevens.
Stevens was present during the six years of Gomez's life that were portrayed in the movie. This included memorable occasions joining Gomez on a charitable trip to Kenya, going to Paris with her on business, and supporting her through difficult times.

While some viewers complimented Stevens for speaking sense to the singer, other viewers were less forgiving of Stevens' influence on Gomez. Regardless of what fans may think, it's obvious from the documentary and a quick glance at Gomez's Instagram feed that she and Stevens are close. Their friendship actually dates back years.
Over a decade has passed since Stevens and Gomez became friends.
Imagine a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Although the exact date of Gomez and Stevens' first encounter is unknown, they had known one another for a long time. Stevens hinted to the duration of their friendship in an Instagram picture from July. Stevens posted a picture of himself and Gomez with their close friends Ashley Cook and Courtney Lopez in honour of the singer's 30th birthday.

Gomez's birthday celebration may have been the setting for the image. "Thankful for a decade of life together! Happy 30th birthday, Selly. You are so loved," Stevens remarked.

A few weeks later, Gomez uploaded a collection of romantic images with Stevens and the same group of friends. "My Best with My Best," Gomez wrote as the description for her Instagram image.
The two have taken multiple travels together, including Instagrammed stops in New York and Hawaii, of course, given their long-standing connection. Stevens even shared some of their travels from the documentary in real-time, including their trip to Paris.
Stephens is a writer.
The Sunshine Mind is a book that Stevens and her lifelong friend Tanya Rad wrote, according to an Instagram post they made in October 2022. On January 31, 2023, the self-help book will be made available.

The Sunshine Mind is a collection of 100 personal readings on living with a purpose, having a strong religious faith, and maintaining good mental health while following passions, according to the book's official website.

Stevens posted on Instagram, "We pray that this book and the sunshine mindset establish a beautiful community of individuals who wish to experience life through hope-colored glasses.

Stevens is a podcast host.

Giving Back Generation is a social awareness video podcast that Stevens started in September 2019. It has served as a show on the social networking app TaTaTu as well as an audio podcast on Apple and Spotify.

In this series, special guests are interviewed and topics like diversity, mental health, and philanthropy are discussed. Both Sofia Carson and Nina Dobrev have made podcast appearances. Gomez has also made multiple appearances.

In advance of the second and third seasons of the video podcast, Stevens spoke candidly about the project's goal of eliminating the stigma associated with mental health in a press release from May. In addition to being uplifting and inspirational, Stevens noted that both seasons' dialogues "provide practical solutions to improve our mental health in these uncertain times we are living in."

Stevens shows up on Selena and the Chef
There is nothing more enjoyable than mastering a new skill with a friend at your side. Stevens frequently appears on Selena + Chef, Gomez's cooking programme on HBO Max. She frequently offers remarks and helps out in the kitchen.

Prior to the fourth season of the show, Stevens even provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the episode on Instagram in September.

"Selena + Chef Season 4's entire ten episodes are available right now. We had a great time. I'm glad for these memories forever. Thank you to the best crew ever and all of the incredible cooks, she wrote.

It appears that Gomez and Stevens' friendship is here to stay based on their interactions over the years.

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