Ranking Every Art the Clown Film From Worst to Best

Ranking Every Art the Clown Film From Worst to Best

Art the Clown, the terrifying Terrifier 2 villain, has starred in four horror films, although not all of them have been as popular as his most recent outing. Each slasher villain has more effective and less effective outings. Despite having a horrific movie debut, Freddy Krueger had already published a parody rap album by 1987. Similar to how not all of Art the Clown's film appearances have been as consistently horrifying as the series with the same name, Terrifier.
From his film debut in the 2008 short The 9th Circle to the most recent blockbuster sequel Terrifier 2, Art the Clown has appeared in four motion pictures. Art the Clown entered the public eye with the unexpected box office success of Terrifier 2, but many horror fans first saw the character in Terrifier from 2016. Prior to that, Art made an appearance in the low-budget Damian Leone anthology horror film All Hallow's Eve from 2013, which helped set the way for the Terrifier films but used a different actor to play the part. All of Art the Clown's performances have their attractions, although some are more popular than others.
A ninth circle (2008)
Art the Clown was originally presented to audiences in the 2008 short The 9th Circle. Near the start of the short, the antagonist shows up and encounters Casey, the protagonist of The 9th Circle, in an otherwise empty train car. Soon after being drugged in the original black-and-white version of Art the Clown, Casey awakens in a subterranean facility where she is pursued by demon cult members. Even while the short film The 9th Circle contains a few excellent scares in its small runtime, this unclear plot is further developed in All Hallow's Eve, and as a result, it is difficult to escape the sensation that the story of the film is incomplete.
Art the Clown made his acting debut in the 2013 film All Hallow's Eve, albeit actor Mike Giannelli, not Terrifier's David Howard Thornton, plays the villain in this production. All Hallow's Eve, a collection of short films joined by a framing device in which a babysitter (also named Casey) watches them on Halloween night, suffers from the difficulty common to great horror anthologies. It goes without saying that anything involving Art the Clown is terrifying, but the narratives involving a homicidal cult and alien abduction feel like extraneous filler. Damian Leone, the film's director, said that in order to avoid giving away Terrifier, he decided not to emphasise art in All Hallow's Eve. Unfortunately, this decision hurts the attractiveness of the movie as a stand-alone.

2016's Terrifier is a full-throttle fall into depravity after the memorable evil ending of All Hallow's Eve. The basic premise of this '80s retro slasher is that two friends spend a long, gory Halloween night trying to avoid Art the Clown. This serves largely as a pretext for some genuinely terrifying chase scenes, memorable grisly murders, and a lot of comedy from a new, more frightful Art the Clown. Fortunately, Terrifier lives up to its name, remaining persistently tense and disarmingly nasty throughout its brief runtime thanks to David Howard Thornton's captivating performance as the character. Terrifier, however, is dethroned from the top rank due to its overwhelming depressing gloom.

Scarier 2
Terrifier 2 significantly outperforms its predecessor, which is an uncommon accomplishment for a horror sequel. Terrifier 2 is less relentlessly hopeless than the original slasher, even if it is no less intense or gory than Terrifier. Sienna, played by Lauren LaVera, is the movie's strong and deserving heroine, providing Art the Clown with his first respectable foe in four films. Terrifier 2 is a triumph, and the creative killing, dark comedy, and high corpse count help to explain why the independent horror film had such a significant box office impact when it first came out. While Terrifier 2 tends toward the bloody extreme violence of its predecessors, it lacks All Hallow's Eve's shoddy production values and Terrifier's suffocating nihilism.
The major issue with All Hallow's Eve, as opposed to The 9th Circle, which felt blatantly unfinished and was, in fact, developed in All Hallow's Eve, was that the uneven anthology horror film failed to centre on its breakout star Art the Clown. Paradoxically, Terrifier's issues were caused by the fact that spectators had no one else to support besides the indomitable Art in the slasher film. Terrifier 2 improves on this by providing Art the Clown with an adversary who can defeat him, even if only momentarily. Watching Art the Clown kill hapless victims is frightening joy for a time. This raises the stakes in the narrative, elevating Terrifier 2 Art the Clown to its highest level to date.

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