Rakshak Pandey Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More

Rakshak Pandey Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More


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These are unusual and stressful times as COVID has in many ways crippled our lives. As it goes, every cloud has a silver lining. And for all of us indwellers forced to stay mostly in the confinement of the four walls, comes the brilliant Rakshak (Meaning-The savior), offered in YouTube as the silver lining to clouds and glooms of lockdown. To the tired, downcast, bored, dejected, and moody types, Rakshak videos come as a tonic of anti-depressants which help people come out with soaring spirits. And for the already happy, prankful, celebrative, light-hearted, and motivated people, Rakshak-stuff is no different than a joint or shot - whose humor-dose kicks the hormones to a fenzy driving people too stoned high state no lesser than what any psychedelic can offer. Be it parodies, spoofs, vines, slapstick comedy, or roast, Rakshak leaves no stones unturned in acing every kind of comic genre in his YouTube videos which are pure uproarious delights. If at all you have a love for laughter ( highly unlikely that there can be one without it) and if YouTube is your comfort food, Rakshak Pandey may be rightly called the condiments indispensable to spice it up to heavenly tastes. This regal Rakshak is a handler of a mighty successful YouTube channel, Badass RP and he is a darling of thousands of fun-lovers. It is said that time spent in laughter is the time spent with god. Whoever wishes to spend some more time with God is sincerely urged to carry on through this humorous bio of this handsome humorist.

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Our talented YouTuber, Rakshak was born on 26 August 1999 in Prayagraj, U.P. He molded his life and acquired elementary education in the revered Shree Mahaprabhu Public school (Shivkuti) in Prayagraj (Allahabad). This young laughter-doctor is currently pursuing (in his last year) B.Tech(CS + IT Branch) from Dronacharya Group of Institute in U.P. His sweet childhood was further sweetened by his doting elder sister and together they used to prank and wreak havocs. As on date, Rakshak is leading a happy and content life with his dear elder sister and loving parents in Prayagraj, U.P. Not much is known about the struggles and stumbling blocks in his career path. But then who knows? What stays hidden behind his smiling and giggling face? Or what great hardships have befallen this comedy artist who dedicates his life in boiling away the hardships of thousands of viewers who find much-needed peace, relaxation, and laughter from his works?
Not breaking our heads over whether or not he struggled, what is certain is that he persevered. A young man only 21 years of age, has set on the noble mission to brings smiles on the lips and lights in the hearts of thousands of not-so-happy souls and this is what makes Rakshak truly unique and his work, truly commendable.

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Furnishing body specs and facial maps of a comedian is as wise as bothering about higher education qualifications of Usain Bolt or collecting the best 100m swimming timing of Albert Einstein. But since, most of us really do not fall into the 'highly intelligent' category, I shall indulge in the silliness of describing Rakshak by face! A longish oval face, a prominent nose with angularity and a roundish nose tip, full and wide lips, and slight facial hair decorating the chin and the upper lip. These features rest atop a tall and lean figure weighing paltry 55kg and stands 5'7" tall.  With his long and attractive black hair nourished and his expressive black eyes, he often adorns dark blue or black goggles which only furthers his swag (Think of his goggles as Dhinchak Pooja's 'swag wali topi'). Now that we are done with the senseless detailing, time to move on to the real stuff which lies within. A distinguished tonal quality, a clear and booming voice, and a diamond mine of diverse expressions for every word uttered, instantly endears him to the viewers. The power-packed performances Rakshak throws in every video are sheer delight and a humorous romance. They are really irresistible and contagious. As evident from his content, Rakshak is explicitly adult and easily U/A classified and he is definitely not for the weak and self -righteous hearts. Brutally honest in voicing his opinions, Rakshak displays great vigor, energy and enthusiasm is most creative usage of profany and cusswords which while can bring an uproar from game guys, can make the unprepared ears bleed. This is evident by the fact that once, he had earned life threats over the over-sweetness of the language his videos offer.  So, if you are over-sensitive and the goody-goody Mumma boy or girl, you must be really wary of his dark comedy and try and take his jokes with a pinch of salt.

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So, how did it all began? When this 21-year-old artist was schooling in standard 10, he had created a hilarious video walking along the same lines as the famous BB ki vines. Something which was a casual act of creativity was an instant hit.
It was loved by friends and foes alike. The video got shared in his school group and was well-appreciated. In February of 2017, our beloved humorist ventured into professional content development and made his debut on YouTube. Till date, he has uploaded 50+ videos which have done (tickled) fairly wonderfully. This is clearly shown when more than 10 of his videos have gathered multiple thousand views. His personal best video came out last year. 'PUBG The story of noob'.

A personal milestone for Rakshak, with this video, hell broke loose. It created a buzz and earned more than 2.7 million views till date and is still counting. Also, it has been liked by about 30 thousand viewers.
He seems to have a special love for TikTokers which he never tries holding back and as can be seen in his videos, flows freely, :p  Rakshak enjoys a huge fan following and currently, his YouTube channel Badass RP has a whopping 86.2k+  Subscribers. Rakshak shares that YouTube is his only source of earning. As already mentioned before,  our dear laughter-doctor is currenly pursuing Aerospace Engineering.  

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Shocking! It definitely appears to be a unique combination. A humorist and an aerospace intellectual. Maybe airplanes is what helped Rakshak fantasize and give wings to his desires and dreams of comedy.

Udtaa huun aasmaan me,  khule khule panchee saa
Na dar na jhijhak na chintaa, abhay-path-panthiii saa
vinod-viral kalaa se, sabko sahaj gudgudaaa duuun
Sunkar to dekho mujhko, hasya-aakaash me udaa duuun


Our young comedian is not at all picky. He is very adjusting. When he was asked about his favourite food, all he said was he loves whatever comes his way! What a great way to respect food and consider everything he gets as a blessing and a graceful bounty.  He does like tattoos and has one of them on him. For the sake of his lovers, who might go into inferiority complex and develop depression, he refuses to share his sexy body measurements. Among actors, Rakshak is really captivated by the handwork and dedication of the self-made Khan, the Badshah SRK. The surreal beauty, dainty damsel and goddess of grace, Deepika Padukone is his favourite actress.  He is not that fond of webseries. Instead, he finds his delight, merriment and inspiration in Anime shows. Naruto is his favorite anime which never fails to fascinate him and motivate him in all spheres of his life. He does admire 'Gangs of  Wasseypur.
Black is the color which captivates him. He also has a thing for rapping. He sends a subtle warning to his followers regarding his raps when he tells that he likes making raps, which he prefers to keep to himself.
In his lifetime, Rakshak yearns to visit Badrinath, Kedarnath and Bijli Mahadev in Kulu. A very weird, yet cute and fun-fact (secret) about Rakshak is that he loves undressing barbie dolls and kissing them :O.  According to him, his greatest plus is that he never judges people. His minus is that he is NOT AT ALL as cool as a cucumber (an alternate spelling of Mahendra Singh Dhoni). I mean he is short-tempered. His message for his admirers is that one should never waste time demotivating the self, comparing us with others. Instead one should relentlessly work on the self and always tread on a journey of perpetual self-improvement. He feels that for an actor, versatility is the most important spec because if you are not versatile, as per him, are you even an actor?
His biggest dream, which we all pray he achieves soon, is to retain his mental peace even after getting hugely successful.

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It is one thing to keep on absorbing theses on love and total another to love, deeply, actually. Likewise is Rakshak. I may praise him endlessly, you may read the good reviews never-ending. But it would be nothing like actually drinking from his nectar of humor, watching his videos. It is only normal to expect that within no time, this laughter-mechanic shall attain endless fame, influence and audience reach and shall help make this world a happier, kinder and merrier place to be in.

Quick Info & Wiki
Full Real NameRakshak Pandey
Birthday (DOB)26 August 1999
Age (as of 2020)21 years old.
Place of BirthPrayagraj, U.P
Physical Stats & More
Height (Tall)Feet & Inches: 5' 7"
WeightKilograms: 55 Kg.
Personal Life
Marital StatusUn-married.
Highest Qualification

B.Tech(CS + IT Branch) from Dronacharya Group of Institute in U.P

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His Youtube id:- Badass RP

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