Rakesh Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Rakesh Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


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Everyone loves virtuoso performances, be it dance or music, be is sporting events or theatre. Individual artists surely steal away the show with their intense and gripping performances, but what stays beautifully hidden behind all the glory is the subtle and indiscreet efforts of an organizer or a producer. He or she is like the skipper of a cricket or football team, commander of an army, or like a Gardner behind a beautiful garden. The magic touch of event organizers or producers is indispensable. Rakesh is one such orchestrator who gets the best out of diverse artists(picks up best of all notes and stitches in the most lovely music) and the result? Most remarkable events, functions, short movies, and a lot more. A genius of a producer's mind can only be gauged by thinking like a producer ourselves. So, let us open wide our artistic eyes, awaken our creative genius, and learn more about this fantastic emerging producer. 

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Rakesh M Salesha (also known as Rakesh Jain) was born on 22 February 1995 to an affectionate homemaker Saroj Salesha and a hard-working father Mahendra Salesha in Takhatgarh, a historically newborn town in Rajasthan. This 25-year-old artist got schooled in Bangalore DVV Gujarati Shala where he picked up subtle secrets of education and developed a healthy way of life. Apart from his fulfilling school-life, his childhood was brightened by the loving and playful presence of his endearing brother Rajesh Salesha. Then Rakesh went on to graduate and earn his degree from Surana college. And that is all about the formative years of this talented producer and that is how he evolved from a budding little bud to a blossoming plant full in resplendence. 

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Our fantastic Rakesh stands 5'6" tall. He is on the stockier end and weighs an intimidating 75 kg which adds to his formidability and commanding aura which is the trademark of a leader like a producer and an event manager. He has thick and nourished black hair. He has one tattoo on his right hand and the specifics of the tattoo are shrouded in mystery. His Zodiac sign is libra. Libra has a weighing balance in its symbol, which perhaps stands for the cool analytical skills and the deep sense of justice embedded in Libra people. We can only assume that Rakesh is full of such impressive qualities.

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It was a very proud moment for Rakesh when he was awarded 'The Youngest Producer' by none other than the dancing-queen Madhuri Dixit! This in itself speaks volumes about the power he packs and promises which he holds as a quality producer. He is a Bangalorean who had produced his first music album at an age of 21. His first album was called 'Romeo' which he had produced with the artist Mack the rapper and held the prestigious label of Zee Music! He had started early, at a tender age of 17 and has already managed 150+ events till date. To add more to his bunch of talents and good work, Rakesh is a social worker and works in media with Gandasi Sadananda Swamy, the ownee of BHARATHA SARATHI Kannada newspaper. He has a production company called 'Make Me Up production'. This dynamic producer is a man with gigantic dreams and he wishes to one day start his own production label like T-Series and Zee Music company .His future products include organizing several events like noon parties and college fests. Within two years, he is also set to organize club parties, decoration parties, wedding events, and get involved in celebrity management. Also, our beloved artist is all set to work with three renowned music producers.

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Regal Rakesh has a refined taste and varied likes and dislikes. Among actors, Rakesh admires the Indian, Greek god Hrithik Roshan. When it comes to actresses, he is a big appreciator of the boldness, self-confidence, and honest portrayal of Sunny Leone. He also has a musical ear and loves the work of singer Diljit Dosanjh and rapper Honey SinghRakesh enjoys watching movies and has an inclination towards comedy. Phir Hera Pheri delights him. He also does not shy away from raw realities and gory violence. Not at all chicken-hearted, Rakesh is an admirer. Phir Hera Pheri is one of his most liked movies. He is not someone who restrains when it is about food. He loves eating a variety of dishes and loves most of the delicacies as long as they are vegetarian. He also is a lover of colors and white and blue are his beloved.

Traveling is another thing which pleases Rakesh. Mumbai and Bangalore are places he enjoys a lot. He has many hobbies, the most prominent among which are dancing and traveling. He loves maintaining excellent health and hence stays miles away from drinking and smoking. He does not believe in complicating life. He thinks that all that is needed for a beautiful life is staying happy and keeping others happy. 

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He picks forms of arts varied 

And all are then mutually married

And happens a pretty synthesis of energy

Various colors and crafts meld into one

And produces most inspiring synergy

He organizes many gems and makes a crown

Directs prettiest events, your jaws drop down

Like a true commander, from front he leads

His work is admire, for more and more, audience pleads

Art after art, he creates; carefree and jovile

Life of a producer is lived in style

Wonders on wonders, his works pack and pile

Life of a producer is lived in style

And thus we come to the end of a brief description of this giant talent. I believe and I believe so does everyone that within no time, this talented event manager and producer will rise and shine and be established as one of the prominent and most influential production houses of our country.  

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His unmistakable talent landed him an opportunity to work alongside extraordinary singer Akhil who had performed in the incredibly successful song Khaab which had crossed 500+ million views on YouTube.

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rakesh jain wiki

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