Pusha T Releases Another Arby’s Video

Pusha T Releases Another Arby’s Video

The burger wars have escalated to another level. Virginia rapper Pusha T has released another “diss track” advertisement on behalf of Arby’s. This time he’s taking aim at the McDonald’s McRib sandwich.

The track, “Rib Roast” features an appearance by bull riding champion Ezekial “Blue” Mitchell and was released on social media and YouTube.

Promoting the new Real Country Style Rib Sandwich, Pusha T also collaborated with Arby’s on a limited-edition line of merchandise inspired by the sandwich, including bolo ties, trucker hats, and shirts, according to Pitchfork.

As previously reported, this is the second diss track that Pusha T released for the roast beef giant. Earlier this year, the Clipse rapper promoted Arby’s fish sandwich while dissing McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

In an interview with Complex, Pusha T spoke on his relationship with Arby’s saying, “The business relationship between Arby’s and me is really strong because we’re both just very passionate and very committed to the quality that we put out. That’s what I’ve noticed, synonymously, myself and my music, and with them it’s the food and the product and just making everything connect and making the storylines connect.”

He added, “They have a different level of commitment and focus that I’ve never seen in working with another brand. Any time they bring up these activations and these ideas, I’m always open for a listen because they are very, very meticulous about what it is that they do.”

“We are on a mission to call out weak sandwiches of questionable quality, and there is no other product that can compare to our REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich or is worthy of Pusha T’s praise,” says Jim Taylor, President of Arby’s, said per AllHipHop.

Taylor continues, “We’ve spent years perfecting the intricate smoked rib flavors and are proud to have Pusha remind people why Arby’s has the meats -and smokes the competition.”

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