Priyanka Tyagi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Priyanka Tyagi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Sky has always fascinated humans. From Icarus to the Wright brothers, flying was a giant dream of humans which has now come true. Hence, airplanes represent something extraordinary for us, a pinnacle of human evolution. And the gorgeous goddesses, walking up and down the aisle of airplanes? The cabin crew hosts one of the most beloved women - the air hostesses. Today INFOSAURS has brought for you, a lovely ex-cabin crew member from Jet Airways, who is now a very popular and beloved actor and also a remarkable social media influencer. Priyanka Tyagi is a charming woman who has impacted the world positively. So, let us has a sneak-peak on her beautiful journey. 

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Pretty Priyanka was born on 15.03.1995 to in beautiful Bareilly to the lovely Mrs. Sarita Tyagi and a gentleman Mr. Vishesh Tyagi. Priyanka was nurtured and she grew up in the wonderful city of Bareilly. Her happiest and healthiest childhood moments were shared with and enhanced with the blessed presence of her brother Rahul Tyagi and her adorable dog Zoe Tyagi. She received a very empowering and strong education from Day Boarding School, Bareilly. And soon after, she graduated from Bareilly College. And very soon, this playful kid had grown into a breath-taking beauty, ready to stun the world with her art and talents. 

priyanka tyagi with her brother

Priyanka Tyagi with her Brother

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Meet Zoe Tyagi, the reason behind Priyanka's heartbeat


This 26-year-old artist is a uniquely attractive personality. She is amply blessed with all aspects of beauty. Priyanka has a very pleasant squarish face with quite a light skin tone and complexion. In the center, sits a perfectly proportionate, diamond-shaped nose which looks so pretty. She has slightly uplifted cheeks which also give her two nice dimples. She has full and nourished lips which further her charms. Beautiful brown eyes are her distinctive feature. Her light brown hair are wavy, quite long, and pretty. Finally, this beautiful face comes with a perfectly toned and worked-out body measuring a stunning 34-26-34. She is 5'4" tall and weighs just 48 kg. And that is pretty much everything about this wonderful woman.

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Poignant Priyanka belongs from a community with not a very progressive outlook. The first time she had expressed her will to work as a cabin crew in Jet Airways, everyone was shocked. She faced a lot of resistance and discouragement which failed to stop her, though. Also, she was the first in her family to leave the comforts of their cozy Bareilly and go and study in an other city.

Leaving the comforts of home, she went to Meerut where she joined the Frankfinn Institute Of Airhostess Training. However, in 3-4 months, she realized that whatever was being taught wasn't that useful. Her father had already taught most of all that. Her struggle was hard. She chose to work in the front desk of AIRCEL which was a new entry in mobile services at that time. After working 4-5 months, Priyanka felt trapped and thought that this is not what her life was meant for. She wanted to anyhow reach Delhi for pursuing her dreams. She was first rejected in an interview by Kingfisher Airlines. The same was related in her second attempt. Then, she tried her luck in Spicejet where she got rejected due to being underweight.  That was a real heartbreak. 

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She started crying in front of her beloved god. Relatives and parents lost hope as well as patience and all were insisting her to give up and return to home. But, Manu knew that it was "now or never" situation and she couldn't simply give up. Finally, Jet Airways selected her! However, the underweight issue persisted. She was given a deadline of 1 month to gain the required weight. She laughs as she recollects that how thanks to Endura Mass, she could gain 10 kgs within 20 days! She finally joined Jet Airways, however, her life was never going to be any easier. As a kid, she had never been an admirer of studying, but at Jet Airways, tough academics was back to haunt her. It was indeed a very loaded coursework. Very reluctantly and painfully she went through all the studying and eventually cleared all the subjects with flying colors. She finally started working in the dream job of Jet Airways. At this point, her family and relatives was proud of Manu who was also an inspiration for all her cousins. She had made a strong statement that there can exist a career beyond engineering and medicine. 

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After 5 years, however, she got unhappy with the monotony and mechanistic nature of her life. This is not what she would like to do all her life. She wanted to try and be a make-up artist or stylist. So, she resigned from Jet Airways. Then, she joined NIFT, Delhi. But, soon she came back to her deepest desire of being a make-up artist. She left NIFT as well. It was then that somebody suggested her to try Instagram and as she began that, she became an instant sensation. Soon, TikTok followed and her fame grew boundlessly. There were a flurry of offers, projects, and brands which came her way and she became quite successful.

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Then, she realized and discovered her rare talents of acting and continuously honed her capabilities for social media influencing. Very soon, Priyanka has moulded a pretty impressive career of acting and social media influencing. Her Instagram handle is sheer fire with over 650k+ followers!  She has also recently started her YouTube channel 'Yourdesigirl' which has already crossed 800 subscribers. Apart from entertainment and dance, she also offers very helpful information in personal hygiene and grooming. She has also featured in several successful and largely viewed music videos and has acted in a few web series as well. It is safe to assume that she earns pretty well to afford a comfortable lifestyle. 

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To know Priyanka better, we will dive into her day-to-day life. Lovingly known as Manu by her family and relatives, Priyanka enjoys watching quality movies and learning from them. Bahubali, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Twilight are her most enjoyed movies. Mirzapur and 'She' are the web series which have amazed her. Ayushman Khurana, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Priyanka Chopra are her favorite actors. Chinese food and Thai food satisfies her the most. Black and Red are the colors dearest to her. For traveling, Priyanka would love to go to Singapore and Amsterdam. But, for residence, it is Mumbai anytime, anyday. Her interesting hobbies are dancing, working out, and making movies. It is a nice thing that because she was a cabin crew. she is a first aider during train journeys.

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Focus on her career and great behavior with people is her positive. Being a bit moody and impatient is her downside. She respects and takes great care of her body. Hence, no smoking or alcoholism.  She has no tattoos on her body. Manu is a Piscean. Her mantra for a happy life is staying positive. Her childhood was full of events and mischief. She used to often get beaten. Once, she was thrashed right in front of her relatives and it was quite embarrassing. She is blessed with one useless talent which is 'sleeping'. She desired to open an NGO for street dogs and elder citizens. She was confident of her own looks and acting and that is what inspired her to become an actor. And that is mostly, all we have on her life. 

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An air-going angel, Priyanka was once 
One with a brilliance of 1000 suns 
And now an actress full of wonder 
Priyanka is full of success 
And hardly with blunders 
In social media, great impacts she makes 
Hearts and praises of 1000s, she easily takes 
With rapt attention, follow her life 
As into this star,
INFOSAURS deeply dives 
With her immense talent, there's no doubt 
That fame of Priyanka will always thrive 
The fame of Priyanka will always thrive

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