Priya Kapoor Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Priya Kapoor Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


Priya Kapoor

To influence is to make a positive impact and useful transformation in lives by means of impressive content. With the advent of the giant force of social media, this art and cause of influencing the masses has got wings. Compared to just a decade ago, today, it much more easier and far more effective to make a beneficial impact on the society. INFOSAURS is yet again back with a noble artist who is working earnestly to make this world a better place to live in. Priya Kapoor is a wonderful social media influencer and in the coming lines, we will learn a lot more about this delightful human.

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Pretty Priya was born on 23 June 1999 to the amazing father Mr Bharat Bhushan Kapoor and the very lovely Mrs Geeta Kapoor in the heart of India, New Delhi. Her magical, educative and memorable childhood was shared with and enhanced in the company of her lovable brother Lakshya Kapoor. She grew up right in the Indian heart called Delhi. Priya was imparted a liberating and enabling kind of education in Gyndeep School and Convent School. After passing out from High-school, Priya pursued B.Com from Sol School Of Open Learning, Delhi University. And thus, in a short span of about 20 years, Priya had fully bloomed into a pretty flower, all set to spread her fragrance of service for the betterment and joy of this world.

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Puppy like innocence and baby-cuteness are infinitely abundant in Priya. This 22 yeared star is limitlessly sweet and child-like charming. Her round, bubbly and cuddly face is one of the cutest ever. Sitting atop that face is a slightly bulbous but pretty nose and plush and healthy lips which curl into a beautiful dimpled smile. Another distinctive feature are her dainty dark brown eyes which are ever lit with a twinkle. And then come her long, dense and classy hair which captures attention. Priya feels that it is best to leave our body natural and as it is. Therefore, she does not have any body tattoo. Very well-versed in the art of smiling through eyes, she is an absolute spell-caster. Sweet Priya is 5'2" tall and weighs just 53 kg. So, overall, Priya is an absolute diva who is as gorgeous as ever.

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Princess Priya started her career journey fairly young. She was just 18 when she started working. Since, she was so fond of travelling, making quality content in TikTok was like a job made just for her. This job completely matched with her personality. However, her journey was not plainly a bed of roses, but also a bumpy ride. Basically, her videos consist of reels, beauty tips and fashion mantras. She was into TikTok for a long long time, however, her videos had never went viral. But, one day, everything was going to change. Suddenly, one of her videos gained 1 million views overnight and she then became a celebrity. However, she is quick to remind that she had toiled and laboured over days and nights before she became an overnight success. It was her honesty, quality of work and unflinching dedication which won her success. After that, there was no looking back. Since she was well-admired in TikTok, she decided to start working in Instagram as well.  Here, too Priya won the hearts of thousands of followers. Today, Priya enjoys 1.1 million followers in TikTok and more than 94.8k+ followers on Instagram. Recently, Priya has also started her YouTube page which has already gathered over 850 subscribers. Over the years, Priya has grown a lot, both, as an influencer and as an individual.

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This 22-yeared cutie-pie is fondly known as simply Priya. The Zodiac sign of this gorgeous woman (who is fortunately very much single) is Virgo. Priya joyfully watches cinema and learns a lot from them. Dear Zindagi is one movie which is dearest to her. Manoj Vajpayee starrer 'Family Man' is a web series which is most-liked by her. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are her beloved actors. This vibrant and colourful diva prefers the peaceful 'white' as her favourite colour. For travelling, she would love to visit the Maldives. And for spending life? Well, Priya was, is and will always be a loyal Dilliwaalii.

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Who doesn't like great food? Priya prefers Indian cuisine. Priya nurtures many good hobbies which include reading books and cooking. It is a secret that Priya is quite moody. Her good quality is that she is a great listener and has a lot of patience. Priya's weakness is that sometimes she can turn into an annoying personality. Priya always stays away from smoking and drinking. For leading a happy life Priya suggests that one should always love oneself. Her childhood has been full of mischief. She used to bully and scare her brother, Lakshya by telling him that he was an adopted child. Her biggest dream is to travel all over India. She has something which she thinks is a useless talent. It is her hypermobility wherein she can touch her forearm with her thumb!

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A cherubic child-like angel, flashes a sweet smile
And thousands of hearts, simply stop for a while 
INFOSAURS todays brings, a social media influencer
Who teaches how to be beautiful,
Herself being an enchanter
Short reels, beauty tips and mantras of fashion
Are what she freely distributes, through her sweet actions
Over a million followers in TikTok
And Instagram followers nearing one lakh
For winning hearts, she has a definite knack
That she will keep charming all, doubts there are none
Keep spreading joy and beauty, Oh, you lovely one
That she will raise positivity and hope, doubts are none
Keep uplifting the world, Oh you sweet one

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