Princess Kate Sends a Supportive Message to Those Dealing with Addiction

Princess Kate Sends a Supportive Message to Those Dealing with Addiction

The Forward Trust's "Taking Action on Addiction" campaign, now in its second year, has a new film featuring The Princess of Wales. The king highlights society's responsibility in recognising addiction as "a serious mental health disease that can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, colour, or nationality" as part of Addiction Awareness Week.

The video, which was shot earlier this month at Kensington Palace, shows Kate sitting in a drawing room filled with photos of her family and donning a navy and white polka-dot shirt with white collar and cuffs.

"Addiction-related attitudes are evolving. However, we need to be there and we are not yet "In the video, she says. "People are still tragically losing their lives, but the shame of addiction prevents people and families from seeking treatment."

Speaking specifically to people who are battling addiction, she continues, "You should be aware that addiction is not a choice. Nobody choose to develop an addiction. I want you to be aware that this is also a very significant medical issue. Do not allow your guilt prevent you from seeking the assistance you so sorely need."
The only way to assist those in need, she says, is to try to comprehend what caused their addiction, to empathise with them, and to be understanding of their hardships.

The princess is shown in the film interacting with representatives of the Forward Trust during the campaign's launch event from the previous year, where she delivered a keynote address emphasising the value of comprehending the root causes of addiction.

When The Forward Trust amalgamated with Action on Addition, one of her earliest patronages, in June 2021, Princess Kate took on the role of patron. The "Taking Action on Addition" campaign runs from October 30 to November 7 in the United Kingdom, which is Addiction Awareness Week. The campaign aims to alter people's perspectives of addiction and encourage more people to seek and accept assistance.

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