Prince Charles is pleased to hear about the royal baby.

Prince Charles is pleased to hear about the royal baby.

Prince Charles, age 2, is pictured with future monarchs in a new image.
We are always ecstatic when someone joins our family. I think our little [Charles] is excited about this news. The Hereditary Grand Duke remarked, "Having a little brother or sister is always such a joy. It is a great joy for us as well.
We have known about the baby for a few weeks now, so it's not really a big of a surprise for us, Stéphanie continued. Charles is particularly ecstatic. For a few weeks now, he has been saying, "Mummy, baby!" It's so cute.
On September 29, the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg revealed Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie's second child is on the way. The Marshal of the Court announced in an English-language press release that "Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are happy to announce that the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess are expecting Their second child." "The members of the two families, including the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, share this enormous happiness."

April 2023 is when the royal child is expected. Prince Charles was born in 2020, making Guillaume and Stéphanie parents. This month marks their tenth wedding anniversary. The couple told RTL they wanted to eventually expand their family but at the time "stated they were focused to enjoying life with little Charles," months after the birth of their first child.

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