Prez Prerna Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Prez Prerna Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

An Award Winning & Marvelous Belly Dancer – Introduction

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INFOSAURS ushers in a ravishing and dedicated belly dancer – Prez Prerna. Prez is India’s Kylie Jenner as she resembles the similar body shape of Kylie (an American socialite). A super talented senora was recently honored with a WOW MHAHSA aspiring belly dancer award, which adds a cherry on the cake to her personality. The distinguished belly dancer bugged the eyes of many people in Bollywood with her repeatedly hit performances and fitness photo shoots of Shail Khan. Lots of luminaries invite her to teach them Zumba and become their choreographer due to her astounding attitudes and peculiar dance styles. Superb!!!

Excited to know more about a lovely hourglass-body girl? Walk through the details below.

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Personal Info: Education, Age, Relationships

Prez Prerna, a gifted person who hails from Sikkim, Gangtok, was born on June 1, 1997. She is 25 as of 2022. Baha’I, Tadong is the school from where she passed out and then attended Sikkim University, Namchi, to pursue honours in JMC. She didn’t disclose much about relationships, but her mother is everything to her, prez is also loved & encouraged by her 3 Aunts (Masi) and 4 Cousins. No boyfriend or husband at present.

prez prerna with mom

Prez Prerna with her Mother

prez prerna age

How Prez Looks

Prez is a bathing beauty with a 38-28-40 body figure and 5-foot 5-inch (5’5) height. She weighs 50 kg. She captures others attention with big brown eyes and black hair. Multiple tattoos can be found on her body, including three dyed on her hand, one on her chest, and one on her back, which appears cool and chic. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

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Likings - Actresses, Food, Destinations & Movies

India’s Kylie is personally a fan of Kylie ​​​​​​​Jenner and mostly watches her shows. The Prez also likes Aishwarya Rai (Miss World) and Gigi Hadid (American Model). Let’s talk about food, papaya salad and all kinds of vegetarian cuisine are what Prez loves eating. In her spare time, Prez likes to watch the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) show. Prez always chuffs traveling to London, Paris, the Maldives, and California.

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Activities That Amuse Prez

Undoubtedly, her favorite thing is to dance, but apart from this, she also sings, does gardening, workouts, and captures photographs. She is a fitness freak, loves eating a variety of vegetarian foods, and whenever she gets some time, she spends it on doing interior designing. She prefers keeping a huge collection of perfumes and doing her own things, like blogging and so on.

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Habits - Good & Bad

A good habit is that Prez is not addicted to drinking and smoking. Keep her indulged in embracing a healthy lifestyle and don’t get influenced by bad things very soon. Bad habits are sleeping late at night and cheating on diets casually.

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The Reasons Behind Her Happiness

She encourages herself to stay busy with her work, to not be jealous of others, and to be content with what she has. Do not lie or abuse anyone, as her all-powerful mother teach her.

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Childhood Reminiscence

In school life, she used to be a very indolent girl, bunk school, and get sleep, sometimes on ladders and sometimes on Public Park Street. Hahahaha….

Her Dreams

Prez has been engaged in belly dancing since her childhood, when she was 10 years old little girl. She always wants to keep her mom pleased by fulfilling all her expectations and dreams and becoming an ideal daughter. Overall, an artist aspires to be like KUWTK.

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Net Worth & Upcoming Projects

A monthly salary of 5 lakhs is received by an artist. Prez appears as a mind-blowing model in the Lafiestamagazine photoshoots while holding another project of divine fitness lifestyle to show her photogenic face through divine’s professional photoshoots. Visits celebrities to make them move on the beats as well. She is soon to feature in a music video alongside Big Boss contestants and will be soon shooting her own belly dancing video. We are eager to watch her video and her fans too.

In 2022, she was a show stopper at "The Fashion Box Runway" organized by Amit Agarwal and Harsha Bajaj.

prez prerna the fashion box runway

prez prerna show stopper

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We hope Prez Prerna move up day after day, and astonish the audiences with her tremendous performances. A beauty pageant is accoladed with prestigious awards in the future, stand up on the expectations of her mother and herself as well. To follow her on Instagram @prez_prerna_.

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prez prerna figure measurements

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