Poonam Yadav Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Poonam Yadav Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More



The ancient knowledge of Yoga is the secret key to the treasure trove of eternal bliss. Today, we have with us, a mastress who is on a selfless mission to distribute this secret key to as many as possible. Today, we are going to meet Poonam Yadav, a Yoga Grandmaster who is as lovely as wise and has touched and transformed lives of thousands across the globe.

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Pretty-n-poised Poonam was born on 28 July 1981 to a faithful father, Sri Ram Yadav, and a marvelous mother Krishna Yadav in the glorious city of Gurugram, which also nurtured her childhood and upbringing.  As a child, she was a very loved and pampered girl. She was a Tomboy who used to beat up guys! Pooja Yadav and Neetu Yadav are her two sweet sibling sisters who shared Pooja's childhood, rendering it nectarine. Her father, a good businessman, unfortunately, departed early, which was very tough on Poonam. She was brought up by her mother, a passionate Yoga teacher. The remarkably well-educated Poonav Yadav had her formative education in Blue Bells Model School and in Jesus & Mary College, Delhi. She graduated from Delhi University. All of these laid a firm foundation for her eternal love and thirst for knowledge which ultimately led her to the wisdom of Yoga in which she found her inner peace. She took her grandmasters in yoga.

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Also known fondly as Poo or Khushi by her beloved family and friends, Poonam is a beauty par divinity. The Yoga grandmaster has a pleasing triangular face with an attractively sculpted chin and jawline. On this pretty face sit a beautiful diamond-shaped nose and healthy pink lips. Her brown and beautiful eyes are as filled with hypnotism as with wisdom. Her long, shiny and breathtaking brown hair further her splendor and sweetness. Her athletic body frame reads a stunning 35-27-37 and her 5'5" and 53 kg of pure health and athleticism can put any gymnast to shame. Her age defying-flexibility makes this 40-yeared Diva a role model and dream for even 20-year olds. Her fair and radiant skin radiates the beauty of Yoga and inspires everyone. Poo does not shy away from tattooing her body of immense health and beauty. She has a splendid tattoo on the backside of her right shoulder. It contains elements belonging to Lord Shiva: Damroo (drum), Trishul (Trident), Om, and fire. Overall, she is a picture of the perfect balance of attraction, fitness, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.

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Passion, wisdom, passion, compassion, style, and personality! You name it, and Poonam owns it. She is someone who has it all. Poonam's Zodiac sign is Leo. Poonam shines brightest in the constellation of Transformational Yoga and Beauty, her career field. She always wanted to utilize her gifts and talents for the upliftment of the society. She has always felt there is a universal love and there was a need to live every moment brightly and allow every day to be the most beautiful one. The profound knowledge of Yoga resonated exactly with her feelings and that is one deep reason why she became one with Yoga (which literally means union). Also, her mother is a great Yoga instructor herself who had a great influence on Poonam right from her childhood. According to her, Yoga is the perfect medium for attaining the perfect coordination between the three 'H's - head (mental aspects), heart (emotional aspects), and hand (physical aspects). The degree of Bachelors in Education further cemented her art of teaching which she would be putting to a good use, soon.

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In Yogas there is a great variety - Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Prana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Rhythmic Yoga, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Kids Yoga, Power Yoga, Healing and Meditation and so on. Poonam specializes in all of them. Corporate sessions with big firms, workshops for schools and hospitals (especially cancer specialty hospitals and children with special needs) and most importantly training and evolving more Yoga teachers like herself are regular activities Poonam stays immersed in. For the last 15 years, Poonam has connected spiritually with thousands of people and helped them lose stress and anxiety and helped them discover their own inner source of bliss through Yoga.

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Yoga is not the end of it! Poonam is also a great professional model, wellness coach, personality developer, and a highly coveted influencer in social media. She is also associated with several NGOs. She considers it her special mission to help the growth and development of girl children. She made it to the top as the finalist in MrsIndiaWorldwide, Greece. Several honours have rained on her like Mrs. India Divine Diva 2019, Mrs. Fitness Icon 2017, Yoga Queen 2019, Shaan-e-Hindustan Award, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Yuva Manch Excellence Award, to name a few. She has participated in numerous fashion shows as a show stopper and has even been a part of the jury. Besides these, for her excellent selfless service during covid-times, she has been twice awarded with the corona warrior certificate. Pretty Poonam is a pretty face of several major popular bands such as HnM, Oberoi, HRX, LOQI, Taj, etc. And over and above all the laurels, Poo has developed very lovely, entertaining, and yet informational social media handles in Instagram as well as YouTube. Her social media reflects her personality which glows with kindness and spirituality. With her Instagram page yogawithpoonam amassing 72k+ followers and her YouTube page PoonamYadav with about 2.6k+ subscribers, Poonam can be justly and rightfully claimed to be a 21st century Yogini cum Apsara! She is getting many offers for web series and music videos which she wishes to pursue once her son graduates from school.

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Pure and pretty Poo is a truly multi-colored personality. She got married to one of the most eligible lot of Indians, a patriotic army officer. Being a wife of an Indian Army Officer calls for a lot of sacrifices and patience and therefore, Poonam rightfully owns the pride that goes with it. She is now a proud and loving mother of a 15-year-old darling. Now, let us explore her likes and dislikes. Movies do delight her. Actors are a source of entertainment and inspiration alike and for her, Akshay Kumar, Hritik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit and Priyanka Chopra are the best. Her most beloved movie is Harry Potter! Fresh heart of a child? definitely. She does not get time for watching long web series and prefers to go and spend time with nature instead. Masai Mara is the travel destination which gets her breath-taken. It feels like walking through the Discovery Channel, live. Of all the countries she has been to, this Kenyan nation hits her as the loveliest. Also, the people here are warm and loving. For residence, she would prefer Goa. Her best habit is a no-brainer - Yoga-related. Waking up early and praying to the sun (Soorya Namaskaar). Her bad habit is her never-ending ever-present (childhood) love for cookies. No matter how hard she tries, she can't drop cookies. She says that maybe it is an emotional connection which cannot be undone. Another negative is that she is such a sweet tooth that she can skip an entire meal just for dessert. Her mantra for a happy life is simple. Loving everyone around you, having peace in your mind bringing peace in the universe, and most importantly unconditional love.

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Her childhood was full of naughty happenings. Once, she was making a ruckus when her father was departing for his flight. She wanted to go with him. So, she hides in the back of the car and when the luggage is picked up, she is found. Blissfully unaware of the concept of passport and visas, she had assumed that her trick would get her a trip with daddy in aeroplane. Alas, all she got was an ice cream on her way back home. Mother Teresa had always fascinated and inspired her since childhood and that is one big factor by which she came into wellness and Yoga tutoring. Such is the contentment of Yoginii Poonam, that she has no dream anymore. Whatever she has currently, is more than a blessed boon and she is as happy as she could ever be.

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Striking harmonious balance between Head, Heart, and Hands
A divinite spiritual teacher- This glamorous Yogini stands
Thousands of lives, she has aligned with their souls
To spread peace and happiness, is her mission and goal
Beauty, passion, kindness, wisdom, charity, etc
In her all these abide
Meet Poonam Yadav - the stunning spiritual guide

Also a model, wellness developer and ambassador of popular brands
Meet Poonam Yadav - an international trainer Grand
Poonam - The transformational Yoginii Grand
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