Perhaps There Will Be A Sequel To This Hilarious Ben Stiller Film

Perhaps There Will Be A Sequel To This Hilarious Ben Stiller Film

Legacy sequels to films from the 1980s and 1990s are very popular, as are sequels to films from the 2000s. It seems possible that a sequel to Ben Stiller's 2004 movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story may be released soon. A fresh movie idea has been proposed by Vince Vaughn, according to Dodgeball actor Justin Long.
Justin received his big break in the movie, and seasoned comedians Vince and Ben received their most well-known parts.

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Speaking About The Prospect Of "Dodgeball 2," Justin Long
Justin acknowledged in a ComicBook interview that he has spoken with Dodgeball actor Vince Vaughn about the prospect of a sequel. Although it is unclear if Vince and Ben discussed this possibility, Justin asserted that Ben has specific plans for a Dodgeball 2 film. All the main players from the first movie would have to return for a second journey through this universe. Although it might not be simple, it might be doable if you have enough motivation.

Everything depends on Ben
While Vince was discussing ideas for Dodgeball 2, Justin remarked that while he would be interested in it, Ben might metaphorically be the one to stand in the way. He added that he had previously talked about the idea with Ben, who was cautious to revisit a story and film that had had such a positive reception when it was initially released.
Do We Need A Sequel?
With the sequels to movies like Meet the Parents and Night at the Museum, Ben may have found success, but he did not with Zoolander. Given that Dodgeball was a pretty self-contained movie that told a whole story in only one movie, a late addition to the hit could be a mistake.

However, if Vince's idea is intriguing enough to capture the original actors and the studio's attention, there is no reason to believe it won't happen eventually. The movie also inspired sentimental flashbacks, generating enormous amounts of revenue at the box office and on streaming services. As a result, a sequel might be required.

The premise of "Dodgeball: A True Underdog"
Vince portrayed Pete LaFleur, the owner of a dive gym, in the 2004 movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. In the movie, Ben's comically evil neighbour White Goodman tries to take over Pete's dive club. They took part in a dodgeball tournament where the prize was $50,000. Comedy follows after that.

Even though a sequel to the film is improbable, it would not be unexpected if one were to be released considering Justin's comments and the amazing plot of the movie.

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