Pardi of 3 Jon Pardi and wife Summer are expecting their first child.

Pardi of 3 Jon Pardi and wife Summer are expecting their first child.

Jon Pardi will definitely be working the "Night Shift" starting next year - he and wife Summer are expecting a baby.

The couple will welcome their first child in early 2023, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

"I'm excited to start a new adventure with my amazing wife Summer and our new little one - Pardi of three!" the country star, 37, adds. "I'm incredibly happy to meet our baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with."
Summer, 32, tells PEOPLE she's "feeling wonderful — a little bit fatigued, but generally really well" and that she feels "really lucky for that." The hairstylist says she's "equally delighted and scared" about becoming a mother and can't wait to see Jon as a parent.

"He's such a huge child at heart, always the light of the party and has such great energy so I can only image how much fun this little Pardi addition will be for him and our family," she says. "I believe [becoming parents is going to be the greatest gift in the world."
The duo already have quite the family on their property outside Nashville, with a horde of dogs, cats, goats and cows that Jon calls his "Pardi Animals." "Everyone told us the dogs would grow more clingy and protective of me, but they already never leave my side! I can't even go to the restroom without them pawing at the door, and all four of them are sitting there waiting for me when I walk out," Summer quips. "It'll be wonderful to observe how they react to the baby."
Jon — who released his latest album, Mr. Saturday Night, earlier this month — and Summer wed in November 2020 after getting together in 2016. The two have been vocal about wanting kids, and have been trying to extend their family since they married.

"It was definitely an intriguing two years of ups and downs - the repeated letdown month after month can really be stressful on a partnership," she tells PEOPLE. "After years with no success and meeting with doctors who simply didn't feel like the right fit, we decided to take a break, put it in God's hands and just enjoy each other and this wild, entertaining life we have together … and then surprise, we're pregnant!"

Summer continues, "I think stress plays a significant influence in it. You hear so many stories like ours of 'the moment you stop trying it'll happen,' but when you're in that circumstance it's really, incredibly hard to not try or not think about it. It's simply one of those odd things in life that doesn't make logic and there's no right or wrong answer. I feel for all of the couples out there who have been through this and especially those who are currently in the midst of it."
After "100 of these tests with pink lines," she and the "Last Night Lonely" singer are now enjoying their new status as parents-to-be and looking forward to the arrival of their little one this winter.

"It still doesn't feel real to us .... it's been five years of dreaming of what it would be like if we were lucky enough to be gifted with a kid and now we get to experience that dream," Summer adds. "It's been really great to go through all of these new changes together as a first-time experience for the both of us. We are beyond happy and cannot wait to meet our little Pardi darling!"

Jon is on the road on his Ain't Always the Cowboy tour until October.

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