Pankaj Tripathi: Many people produce content for sensationalisms sake, but I censor myself because Im a responsible actor.

Pankaj Tripathi: Many people produce content for sensationalisms sake, but I censor myself because Im a responsible actor.

Pankaj Tripathi belongs to a select group of actors who have achieved renown via their unforced performances. But it took him more than ten years before he eventually found success. In the last few years, he has established himself as a major player in the OTT industry because to his busy schedule and various films and shows.

The level of content in the OTT market is a subject of ongoing discussion, and Tripathi has his own opinions on the matter. "I believe the audience to be a well-informed group. They won't spend money on pointless content. In order to use OTT, you must register and sign up for an account, according to Tripathi in an earlier interview with Outlook.

"Yes, I agree that a lot of individuals produce content for sensationalism's sake. But I restrain myself because I'm a good actor. Before the release of "Mirzapur 2," Tripathi said, "I understand why I am doing a particular scene or how crucial it is in the tale.

The OTT-obsessed age of today only wants to watch high-quality material and won't accept anything that producers put out under the guise of entertainment. That explains why not everything on OTT is a huge success. Even when they are published on OTT, some series and movies that appeal to a wide audience and have well-known celebrities as main actors hardly manage to make money or gain fame.

On the same vein, Tripathi also offers an amusing anecdote from when he was performing in Patna, a story that is particularly relevant to today's audiences.

"Back in my theatre days at Patna's Kalidas Rangalaya, we used to say, "A very warm greeting to the learned audience," at the opening of each show. We did so because we assumed our audience was knowledgeable. Today's digital platform viewers are too perceptive and aware of every scene's purpose. We defer to the well-intentioned spectators. They can filter," Tripathi adds.

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