Palakshee Mahanta Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Palakshee Mahanta Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


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Law is a path full of suspense and excitement, but one laden with deceits and shocks and enshrouded in darkness. If you think that it is crazy to expect glamour, beauty and glitter in this serious trade, think again! Today, we are going to research a lovely lawyer who is now an amazing actress, mesmerizing model, and an incredible influencer. Do not be shocked and meet Palakshee Mahanta, a multi-talented lawyer, model, actress, and social media influencer. Hailing from a small village in Assam, this wonderful starlet soon outshone most others and found a firm footing in the world of acting, glamour, and glitterati. An unbelievable success story of inspiration, the journey of Palakshee is nothing short of a dreamland. Let us know more about this laudable lady.

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Pretty Palakshee was born on 1.Jan.1994 in a jolly North-East family in Golaghat district in Assam. Hers was a big family where she was lovingly brought up with her three elder sisters. Her primary education was carried out in Dergaon Girls Higher Secondary School. Then, she graduated in Geography from Dergaon Kamal Duwara college, Assam. It was now that a deep sense of justice took over Palakshee who decided to become a lawyer. Hence, she pursued her LLB from University Law College in Guwahati University. Misfortune struck our dear star when first she lost her mother to cancer at a tender age of 13. Troubles seemed endless as yet again, hardship struck. Palakshee lost her beloved father 2 years ago. Despite all the problems, against all the odds, Palakshee shone. She shone in a way that outshone most of her contemporaries and managed to carve such a wonderful career which intrigues you and me and thousands of others.

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26-year-old Palakshee is a North-Eastern marvel with a beauty which matches that of angels. Bestowed with cute eyes typical of the seven sister states, Palakshee has a captivating gaze. Pallu is 5'6" tall and her immaculately carved figure, reading 34-26-36, weighs just 50kg. Her expressive black eyes and charming dark brown hair are a rare spectacle. And thus, this sizzling Assamese beauty is a totally hypnotic artist which definitely makes many skip a heartbeat.

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After earning her LLB, Palakshee started working in a law firm in Mumbai and thus, the beginning of this diva's career was marked by law and order. After some time, Pallu felt like diversifying and exploring newer avenues in life. She moved on from law to try newer things. Then, she started mesmerizing masses with her enrapturing modeling. She then worked extensively for Amazon's e-commerce site, did many ramp shows, performed different photoshoots like bridal shoots, catalogue shoots and so on. Now, she had firmly established herself as a successful model. Finally, she moved on to acting. Her first theatre play was 'Rup ki rani choro ka raja'. Then, parallelly, she started her career as a social media influencer. She has a big fanbase in Instagram topping seven and a half thousand. She also runs a growing YouTube channel called 'Befabwith PALAK' where she posts some quality content on beauty and fashion. Right now, she is working as an AD (intern) in a Bollywood movie which is going to keep her engaged full time.

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She is fondly known as Pallu and Palak by her friends and relatives. As any common guy like you or me, Pallu also loves watching movies. 3 Idiots is her favorite movie. In the web series, Sacred Games and Breaking Bad were especially liked by her. This colorful personality finds blue as her favorite color. She has many actors as her role models and inspiration. Among actors, Rajkumar Rao and Vicky Kaushal impress her a lot and among actresses, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Alia Bhatt influence her a lot.

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She also enjoys savouring good food and Assamese food is close to her heart. Mumbai resides in her heart. It is so dear to her that she does not want to go anywhere else from here. However, she would love to visit Paris and New York someday. She likes to learn something new constantly. Nowadays, she is learning video editing. She is quite a lazy person according to her, however, her quality is that no matter what she always manages to motivate herself. Also, money is not everything for her. As long as she is getting quality work and the opportunity to learn, she is happy. She thinks that constantly upgrading oneself is essential for success. Her good habit is ability to work hard in any situation and her bad habits include not exercising and sleeping very late. However, she is very health conscious and neither smokes nor drinks.To lead a happy life, one should do everything one likes but without expecting anything from anyone.

In school, once she had faked a stomachache and made a racket to return home early for attending a marriage with her mother. She dreams to become very successful and to do good for her parents. She does not feel that any talent can be useless and any talent helps you become special. What inspired her to be an actress? It was Hindi serials which she had watched as a child and the portrayal of the magical Mumbai. She had since then, always wanted to come and live in Mumbai.

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     From the castle of courtrooms to the carpets of ramps

Across diverse fields, her authority she has stamped

     A divine beauty from seven sister-states

Lawyer, actress and model : She is a mystery great

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Such are her charms, So is her grace

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Pallu: the growing sensation, Palak the infinite craze

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