- by Lalit Naidu

Leaving the comforts of shelter
Into a wild wilderness I venture
For my safety and wellness, my umbrella shield is straining
Bracing to face the wet foe, because hard it is raining

Through the muddly walkways
Carefully my feet gamble
Through the puddly pathways
Splashless-ly I amble
Occasionally, a shower from a vehicle arrogant
Adonis me in a murky watery ornament

Impossible desires of dryness,whisk away in vain
As our desires bow to those, of the playful perky rain

Application of high-school physics, inebriates intellect of mine
Using concept of projection for protection, perks up my mind
I tilt my water-armor, aligning umbrella-normal with the rain vector
Dextrously, the water-arrows  are thwarted, by the umbrella interceptor

I condescend vertical holders of umbrella, pitying the lesser brains
Rejoicing my smirky delight vulnerable, to the playful perky rain

As I continue wielding the physics, managing to stay relatively dry
Something uncanny is happening, throwing my strategies awry
Clouds shoot arrows, angled from right to left
And to my shock, also from left to right
As I neatly shield the former, with  deft
The latter plunges me in plight

As flustered as drenched, I quickly traverse the lane
Mocked by the splattery sniggerings, of the playful perky rain

Giggling at the mysterious  ways of  nature and its offsprings
I marvel at the duo-de-mischief - rain and the cross-winds
No more disappointed, I decide to become a game
I too join the siblings playful, the crosswind and perky rain

Unravelable seems the beauty of mother nature suzerain
And the funful frolics, of the playful perky rain

All Credit Goes to Lalit Naidu

His Facebook Id: Lalit Naidu

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