Our new-season colour inspiration comes from Margot Robbies dark brown hair.

Our new-season colour inspiration comes from Margot Robbies dark brown hair.

When people think of Margot Robbie, they typically picture a blonde bombshell. That was undoubtedly made easier by her most recent Barbie job. But after the Australian actress attended the London premiere of Amsterdam this week, all of that appears to be in the past.

Robbie's hair appears to be noticeably darker and longer than usual while wearing a Celine cut-out gown and cape. Just in time for the colder months, her classic light, honey shade has been upgraded to buttery warm bronde, and we are here for it.

The length of her new style is just as appealing as her new colour, which is undoubtedly something to write home about. In contrast to winter, when we desire cosy, body-hugging, XXL hair that exudes glamour, summer has a way of making you want to chop off your hair and start over.
Robbie's take on XXL hair is ideal for the beginning of the new season. It is an improved version of her shorter style from earlier in the summer, centre-parted, flecked with face-framing tendrils, and cut off right beneath the bust.

What therefore, is the secret to getting this new-season colour? We worry about balayage. Many famous people, including JLo and Beyoncé, adore this hair colouring method. Before you visit the salon, review the information below.
Why Is Balayage Popular Right Now? What Is Balayage?

The word "balayage" is French in origin and means "sweeping." The widely applied lightener in the French rendition of the familiar foil highlights is applied to hair strands. At the root, this results in a softer finish.

According to James Foward, a colorist at Hershesons, the hair can also be painted only on the mid-lengths and ends, which is fantastic for brunettes because it makes the roots visible. Due to its gentler grow-out than foil highlights and the ability to go longer between salon sessions, balayage is highly well-liked.

What Takes Place During A Balayage Procedure?

For balayage, hair colorists will either paint by hand or utilise a board. Depending on the desired outcome, freehand painting can be applied to thin stands or thicker portions of hair. Alternately, stylists can paint onto a board as the hair is laid over it, shifting the board as they go.

"We leave the parts to lift as they are for a softer lift." James continues, "We normally isolate the portions with cling film for a lighter look or for darker hair. This prevents the lightener from drying out so it can keep on lifting.

How to Choose Your Personal Color

James advises brunettes to avoid colouring their roots. To suit the skin tone and eye colour, the depth must be kept. Anyone who is naturally light blonde or darker should lighten their hair from root to tip if they wish to look blonder. Everything depends on the atmosphere you want to create.

Considerations Prior To And Following Treatment

After balayage, a toner will become your best buddy. Any brassy colours that emerge when you lighten hair are naturalised. The PH of the hair will also be rebalanced, which is crucial to the condition of the hair as a whole.

Is It Better Looking With Long Hair?

Simply put, absolutely! On longer hair types, the process offers a seamless transition from the natural to lightened hair, making it ideal for an effortless, sun-kissed look, according to James.

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