One Vampires Hatred of Their New Life Is Proven by Weather Wizard

One Vampires Hatred of Their New Life Is Proven by Weather Wizard

It has been a mystery as to what vampirism actually is in the DC Universe. People respond to it in different ways, and it has become apparent that it is nearly hard for DC's mages to comprehend fully. It also appears to act in a similar way to an addiction that is difficult to overcome. The fourth issue of DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War (written by Alex Paknadel, Matthew Rosenberg, Pasquale Qualano, Nicola Righi, and Troy Peteri) indicates that not all vampires take pleasure in their new vampiric condition, even if they swear allegiance to Nightwing.

The Weather Wizard stopped fighting when Mary Marvel told him there was a treatment for vampirism, and he then requested her give him the treatment. Sadly, he passed away before he could obtain it, but his response is telling. It proves that not all vampires appreciate their transformation. It also raises the question of why some do and some do not.
The Mechanism of Vampirism in the DC Universe
Many of the rare stories of what it's like to be a vampire say that the experience is mostly characterised by an insatiable hunger. It is comparable to an addiction in many ways, being both impossible to satisfy and equally challenging to resist. Only with rigorous mental training and continual concentration have the few who have prevailed in resistance been able to do so. In any event, it's not a wonderful state of affairs.

However, other people, including Wonder Woman and Superman, appear to be enjoying it. They almost seem to have been given permission to be their worst selves by becoming vampires, which has greatly accentuated their flaws and transformed them into the monsters they are today. If true, it begs the question of why Weather Wizard is so desperate for a cure and invites additional investigation.
In the DC Universe, Vampirism Might Have Different Moral Effects
Maybe it has to do with a morality issue. After all, the Weather Wizard was a bad guy before he turned into a vampire. Long ago, he had already given in to darkness and temptation. People like Nightwing, Wonder Woman, and Superman, on the other hand, have rejected it their entire lives. If being a vampire multiplies that desire, it makes sense why they turned into villains so soon. It makes sense characterization-wise and would have been overwhelming to do so.
On the other hand, Weather Wizard had always battled temptation. The only difficulties he encountered in his new state of existence were the restrictions on when he could venture outside and the unexpected want to consume blood. He joined forces with Nightwing's new government, yes, but it was ultimately for his own safety. As proof, when Weather Wizard learned there was a route back, he promptly turned against his lord. His life must have been awful before becoming a vampire if being a villain meant it had never been great. For instance, he was actively involved in the management of a human blood farm. Weather Wizard has never been among the most cruel rogues in the DC Universe, but he was involved in this and dared not back out until a better opportunity came along.

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