One Fleetwood Mac song recently reentered the charts for the first time in nearly 35 years.

One Fleetwood Mac song recently reentered the charts for the first time in nearly 35 years.

The band Fleetwood Mac is still excellent. Rumours, their defining album, accomplished a remarkable achievement that solidifies its legend. The band's lineup has changed multiple times throughout the years, but they have continued to release successful music. Need more evidence? 35 years later, one Fleetwood Mac song has just reentered the charts, but it is not an excerpt from Rumours.
Multiple times, Fleetwood Mac had songs on the Billboard charts.

Finding chart success doesn't necessarily mean a band is great, but it might show that listeners connect with the music. More than a dozen of Fleetwood Mac's songs have remained popular with listeners.

The Stevie Nicks song "Dreams," which Christine McVie believed to be extremely boring, is the only No. 1 single for Fleetwood Mac on the Billboard singles list. Nevertheless, the band added 24 more singles to the Hot 100, eight of which reached the top 10. Other Rumours songs that made it to the charts included "You Make Loving Fun," "Go Your Own Way," and "Don't Stop."

Rumours was a hit when it was released in 1977, but another Fleetwood Mac song from an album a decade later has only recently returned to the charts, over 35 years after it peaked.
Rumours was recorded by Fleetwood Mac while they were having internal conflicts and interpersonal problems, and the tension was evident in the lyrics. There was some good in the 1987 film Tango in the Night.

The chorus of McVie's song "Everywhere" is "Oh / I want to be with you everywhere." Chevrolet used the vocal in advertisements for its series of electric automobiles because it was the ideal vocal for the brand (see it on YouTube). The song debuted on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart for the week of October 22 as a result of that featured placement. While older songs with a good justification to be included are included, the chart favours more recent releases. (After receiving a lift from Stranger Things, Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" is still on the charts.)

The newest Fleetwood Mac song to chart on the Hot 100 is "Everywhere." One of the longest chart performances for the Mac, it peaked at No. 14 in early February 1988 and remained 18 weeks there.

Seven Wonders, Little Lies, Big Love, and Family Man are the other four songs from Tango in the Night that reached the Hot 100. Less than three months after its debut in April 1987, the album was gold, and finally, it was triple platinum.
Rumours obscures the fact that Fleetwood Mac was initially a deep blues-influenced band. Their early music shares a soundscape with Led Zeppelin's straight blues and The Rolling Stones' roadhouse-style songs. When Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band in 1975, the band underwent a shift, and two short years later, the Mac produced their seminal album.

Rumours' backstory is intriguing, but without the music, the band's broken relationships and internal affairs would be little more than a footnote. Rumours, Fleetwood Mac's 11th studio album, continues to be their most commercially successful release.

But maybe Tango in the Night will get some attention now that McVie's 1987 Fleetwood Mac song "Everywhere" is back on the Billboard charts after appearing in a Chevy campaign.

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