On TikTok, Emily Ratajkowski seems to have come out as bisexual.

On TikTok, Emily Ratajkowski seems to have come out as bisexual.

The video, which asked people who "identify as bisexual" if they "possess a green velvet couch," was addressed by the model, 31, on Monday (10.10.22).

After displaying her green velvet couch, Emily, who has filed for divorce from her estranged spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard, continued.

Fans congratulated her for "coming out" as attracted to both men and women in the comments area of her post, with several writing: "Yet another win for the ladies."

Prior to October 11th's "National Coming Out Day," celebs like Madonna and Shay Mitchell appeared to reveal they were members of the LGBT+ community. Emily's apparent declaration that she is bisexual coincides with this.

As a result of the two allegedly "spending a lot of time" together, there are rumours that she is dating Brad Pitt, 58.

Friends are unsure if it's serious, a source told People. They don't seem to be "dating" in a formal sense.
After accusations of infidelity against her 41-year-old ex-husband Sebastian, it was revealed in September that Emily had formally filed for divorce.
After the pair initially split in July amid allegations that film producer Sebastian, with whom Emily shares a 19-month-old son named Sylvester Apollo Bear, was a "serial" cheater, she filed a petition to dissolve their four-year marriage in Manhattan's Supreme Court.

A source close to the model told People in July that they had split up and that Emily was concentrating on raising her children.

According to the informant, "They recently split. Em made the choice. She's doing fine.

She is resilient and devoted to her son. She enjoys being a mother.

Sebastian and Emily have not yet made any statements about their romance in the media.

On February 23, 2018, they were legally married in a New York court, and Emily announced the news on Instagram with the caption "Sooo, I have a surprise, I got married today."

Later, she said it only took her "30 seconds" to decide she wanted to wed the producer of "Uncut Gems."

When the couple made their first kid announcement in October 2020, Emily claimed it was "something a woman does by herself, within her body, no matter what her circumstances may be."

"I am essentially alone with my body in this journey," she continued, "despite having a loving boyfriend and many female friends willing to discuss the gritty details of their pregnancies.

The intense muscular pains in my lower abdomen that suddenly appear while I'm watching a movie or the excruciating heaviness of my breasts that now accompanies me first thing in the morning are things that I cannot share with anyone.

"My spouse is not experiencing any physical side effects from 'our' pregnancy,' which just goes to show how differently men and women may experience life.

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