Odell Beckham Jr. and Van Jefferson Discuss Their Special Bond After the Super Bowl

Odell Beckham Jr. and Van Jefferson Discuss Their Special Bond After the Super Bowl

Van Jefferson and Odell Beckham Jr. are more connected than just being former teammates.

The NFL player addressed his "unique bond" with Jefferson as they both welcomed sons only days after winning the 2022 Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams while speaking with PEOPLE about his continued partnership with Moon, which includes the creation of a new platinum toothbrush.

Days after the significant victory on February 17, Beckham Jr., 29, and fiancée Lauren Woods had their first child together, son Zydn. Son Champ was born on February 13, the same day as the Super Bowl, to parents Jefferson and Samaria.

Van, according to Beckham Jr., is his guy. Since the beginning of the season, Van and I have remained close and share photos of [our] little men.

He continues, referring to the period while his and Jefferson's partners were carrying their respective sons: "The little men haven't met each other yet they have that amazing link and chemistry as if they were teammates because they were there the whole time together." We share a unique bond, without a doubt.
The football pro also discussed his views on his now 8-month-old son continuing his athletic career.

Beckham Jr. expresses his desire for his son to pursue basketball and soccer, which are his true loves in addition to football. Even my daughter chimed in, saying, "I've always thought my kid can be whatever he wants to be, but after knowing you and seeing how he's moving and acting right now, he's an athlete for sure.'"

He continues, "We're hoping and anticipating he'll be the next prodigy.

The sportsman explains how his continuous work with Moon fits into his daily life while making light-hearted jokes about the potential of creating a baby toothbrush for his son in the future ("It's not easy to clean an 8-month-four old's teeth!" he exclaims with a smile).

Regarding his commitment to oral hygiene, he adds, "I'm quite sure it started with floss sticks all the way back when I used to carry them around in my little pocket." "I was just so obsessed with having clean teeth. Working with the moon made everything organic, and everything felt perfectly in alignment."

"I wanted to design something distinctive and lovely, and I guess that's why we chose with the platinum hue inspired by jewellery and diamonds," he continues of the brand's new platinum toothbrush.

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