Nived Tiwari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Nived Tiwari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


nived tiwari

Acting is an art connecting straight to a human heart. A sincere and honest actor always warms up our emotions and such talent is what INFOSAURS brings for you today. Meet Nived Tiwari who is a budding and radiating talent who is making heads turn with his realistic acting. Walk straight ahead into an interesting compilation of Nived's life.



Nived was born to Mr. Narender Tiwari and Mrs. Chaya Tiwari on 22 June 1993 in Katni town of Madhya Pradesh. His childhood was a picture of health, nourishment, and healthy development which Nived shared with his boisterous brothers  Niket Tiwari and loving sisters Namrata and Nevedita Tiwari. Nived's education got a solid foundation in Nalanda High School from where he did his schooling. He graduated and earned his degree from the prestigious Nalanda University. With this firm educational foundation, Nived turned towards his deep interest, acting. 

nived tiwari childhood pic

Nived Tiwari Childhood Pic

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Nived Tiwari Father

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Nived Tiwari Mother


Nived is a nice and cool personality blessed with tremendous traits. A tall and handsome man towering 5'9" and weighing just 68 kg, Nived redefines health and fitness. A squarish face with a prominent jawline makes a remarkable impression. He's got confident brown eyes and an abundance of healthy and natural black hair. His well-built body measures 41-29-42 (Chest, waist, and hips) and is a fitness goal for many. One tattoo adorns his well-built back. The 28-year-old impressive actor is a Scorpio who is quite eligible for a bachelor.


Actor Nived has grown beautifully through hurdles and hardships to become a picture of relentless perseverance. Unfortunately, his parents were opposed to his career choice, but he kept up his smart hard work. He aspired to make his parents proud and was ready to pay any price. He focused a lot on upgrading his overall style, dressing, he emphasized on a strict diet and sweated in the gym for attaining a sculpted body, and above all, he polished and refined and honed his acting like anything. His charms, good looks, and honest acting in popular shows like Sath Nibhana Sathiyaa, Yeh hai Mohabbatein, Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and Jai Santoshi maa catapulted Nived to prominence and fame and won him lots of fan love. This overwhelming affection is reflected in his Instagram account iamnivedofficial which holds a huge following of over 100k+. Nived's schedule is quite packed in near future where he will act back to back, in 5 web series - Teri Meri Kahani, Dil to Baccha hai ji, Raja Rajkumar, Cocktail, and Janpat Gonda. It is Nived's dear dream to someday work with Indian hulk John Abraham.

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Nived is an interesting and lovable artist who has many colorful aspects worth knowing. Movies are a source of entertainment, inspiration, and knowledge and for Nived, Karan Arjun and Force are his favorites. Web series like Mirzapur are best liked by Nived. John Abraham and Kriti Sanon are two actors who mean a lot to Nived. His favourite foods are 'Paneer Tikka' and 'Gobhi'. Colourful personality of Nived likes the colours Black and White. Nived would love to travel and spend time in Ladakh. For residence, Nived would love Maldives or Dubai. Nived maintains some hobbies, like cricket, music and casino.  

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He has a special bond with cars and gym which are something he can never compromise with. He is a very sensible person who takes care of his family and friends. He also gives great care to pets. His downside is his big anger. For maintaining perfect health, Nived stays away from smoking and liquor. For living a happy life, Nived vouches for hard work and consistent self-upgradation. Childhood is a synonym for mischief and Nived proves the same. When he was 16 and their father had brought a new car, both the brothers had a fight over who would get to drive first. When his father favored his finger brother, Nived pulled a hockey bat and smashed the car windows in a fit of rage. (Maybe that's his idea of naughtiness.) There is an unimportant talent which Nived possesses. He can walk up to anyone and strike a conversation when least expected. What inspired him to become an actor was his ever-present aspiration of name and fame and acting. His heart holds a dream and it is to be a superstar like SRK. And that is most of whatever could be found about this amazing actor's inside.

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With unyielding determination, he trained on
From nothing much, a great actor is born
Nived Tiwari is the talented acting star to watch
To you, whose life: By INFOSAURS: is brought
A charming character 
With a hulk-like built
Together with fine acting
Is a persona which kills
In popular TV channels, he features in great shows
Far and wide his fame reaches and it still grows

His helpful and caring nature: is, on cake the icing
An actor with a difference, may he keep shining
A warm and handsome artist, 
With countless traits worth liking
An actor with a difference, may he keep shining

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nived tiwari bio

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