Nishtha Kesarwani Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Nishtha Kesarwani Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


nishtha kesarwani

Dance is the beautiful and rhythmic expression of the intense and honest feelings within. The gentle and enchanting movements of dance fill every watcher with unending joy. Un-shackled expression in dance demands an unshackled body which is essentially flexibility. This flexibility brings us to yet another enthralling expression of the body which is gymnastics! Gymnastics is the worship of balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. It takes no great genius to connect these two! An amazing dancer automatically shows some promise for gymnastics and the same is true the other way round. But, what happens when someone is professionally trained and certified in both these incredible arts? Then births a godly phenomenon like Nishtha Kesarwani whom INFOSAURS shall cover today! Let us meet up close a popular and talented dancer, and a national-level gymnast, Nishtha.

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Notable Nishtha was born on 13 June 2000 in Allahabad (Prayagraj)  to Loving Lalit Ji and adoring mother Deepa Kesarwani. Her cherished upbringing was right here in Allahabad. Her beloved siblings include her caring elder sister Shubhangi Kesarwani and sweet younger brother Vaidik Kesarwani. Admirable Nishtha got schooled in various schools in her different grades and these quality educators were Mother Mary School, Allahabad Public School, and Khel Gaon Public School. After high school, Nishtha opted for a unique stream and earned her degree from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture Technology and Science. That was not the end and she enrolled for the course of Filmmaking and Mass Communication. For all the great fame she has already earned and the influence she has made, she is still in the 3rd year of this course! What a multi-talented and hard-worker Nishtha has proven herself to be.

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nishtha kesarwani childhood pic

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Nishtha is a pretty gorgeous woman with the charms of an innocent baby. She has a sweet squarish face with a pretty jawline which stands out. She has thin but plush and lovely lips which hide a perfectly charming smile. She has a slightly flat diamond nose which suits her attractive face and makes her even more pleasant. Also, she has beautiful black hair which she loves to experiment with hair. She stands 5'3" and weighs a perfectly healthy 47 kg. Being a gymnast and a dancer, she has a perfect physique and a desirable and proportionate body. She doesn't likes to mark her healthy body and hence has no tattoos. Moreover, Nishtha is a Gemini.

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Lovely Nishtha has achieved a lot in her short life of 22 years! Nishtha is a Model, and a national-level Aerobic Gymnast, and a state-level gold medalist. As if this ain't sufficient, this artist cum sportsperson has a strong social media presence! As a social media influencer, Nishtha has set up some mind-boggling benchmarks! She has over 350k+ followers on Instagram. She had amassed about 900k+ followers in TikTok and was all set to breath the million mark! In another popular Indian platform, Max TakaTak, Nishtha enjoys an astronomical following of 3 million+! She has also rocked in quite a few famous reality shows. In 2018, she won the Star Plus show called "Sabse Smart Kaun?". Recently, in 2020, she made it to the finals of the contest "Entertainer no. 1" in Flipkart. She is also the winner of the 2014's edition of Sony T.V.'s Boogie Woogie!

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In 2020, she also became the finalist of "Home dancer" on Disney + Hotstar. In 2015, she was among the top 5 finalists in "Hindustan ka big star" on the Big Magic channel. Also, in the popular DD National show RumJhum, Nistha was among the top 3 finalists in 2013! Her income sources are many and handsome. She gives online dance classes, conducts workshops, does musical videos and short films, gives gorgeous live and stage performances, and a steady income from applications.

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Nistha is a wonderful and lively woman. She enjoys watching movies and learns a lot. She has a special love for South Indian movies because according to her, these movies have a brilliant storyline. Her favorite movie genres are comedy, thriller, and horror. Her favorite actors are Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone. In food, she delights in Indian, Chinese, and Italian food. This colorful piece of joy loves all the colors. For traveling, she loves coastal areas and beaches. Andaman and Kerala are especially dear to her. It is a secret that this breath-taking dancer is a very bad singer. She is a bubbly, outrageous, and fun-loving girl who always has a smile on her face. Her positive habit is the heart to always help the needy. Her bad habits are eating as slow as a slug and sometimes, laughing out at inappropriate situations.

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She is a cultured lady who never drinks or smokes. Doing whatever one truly desires is her idea of leading a happy life. Her childhood is brimming with naughty incidents. She used to run away from home to avoid going to school. She used to roam and explore all streets of Allahabad on her cycle and all alone. Her mother and her family were the seminal inspiration which turned her into the success story she is today. We all have big dreams and what is the most important thing to achieve your dreams? OBVIOUSLY, 'sleep'. Well aware of that, Nishtha loves sleeping! Amusingly, this is a juxtaposition of energy and lethargy when we hear that this spirited dancer and gymnast keeps "sleeping" as her hobby.

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With movements hypnotic and fluid, she charms
Nishtha sways her strong legs and artistic arms
INFOSAURS zooms into, a gymnastic dancer rare
Whose spells leave you bound, helplessly you stare
A dancing diva dextrous, offering amazing classes
Nishtha, the dancing guru, trains countless masses
Stage shows, live show, shoots, whatever comes her way
She gives her brilliant best, not for a moment she delays
National and state-level accolades, adorn this gymnast
Her unmatchable fitness, a magic spell it casts
Instagram, TikTok TakaTak, everywhere she sines
This dancing gymnast, conquers heart and minds
With her life as an inspiration, thousands get schooled
Nishtha - the rare talent, her persona rules

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nishtha kesarwani hot

nishtha kesarwani images

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nishtha kesarwani biography

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