Nisha Rawal opens up about estranged husband Karan Mehra, says he asked her to pay maintenance of their son

Nisha Rawal opens up about estranged husband Karan Mehra, says he asked her to pay maintenance of their son

The struggle between on-screen characters Karan Mehra and performing artist Nisha Rawal is one of the foremost talked-about issues within the tv industry. Nisha examined the matter in a later press appearance and opened up approximately her issues with Karan. She too uncovered that the actor had inquired for their son's full care additionally requested upkeep for him. Last month, Karan tended to the allegations made against him by his repelled spouse. He charged Nisha with dishonestly embroiling him, having an double-crossing issue with her rakhi brother, Rohit Satia, and avoiding him from seeing his child, Kavish.

In a news conference, Nisha ventured forward to invalidate all of Karan's claims. She expressed that she did not need her quiet to be deciphered as a sign of shortcoming. She moreover uncovered, "I got a limiting arrange against him. He jumped into our house uninvited on November 2 with six people, never turning around to take note Kavish's require since our breakup. I was at that point COVID positive. It was very debilitating. He was not approved to enter the domestic. He ought to have at the exceptionally slightest told me in progress. "

She included, "In 2008 when we to begin with met, he was a stylist's partner for a motion picture in which I played the lead. Mudda kabhi paise ka tha howdy nahi. We collectively built everything. Two a long time after we to begin with met, he was cast within the TV arrangement Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. I have not asked provision; instep, we have simply asked child support. I've moreover specified that I'm fine on the off chance that Karan chooses not to pay for that as well. In truth, Karan asked full care in his most later counter-petition and asked that I back him and the child fiscally."

For the ignorant, on June 1, 2021, Nisha held up a case against Karan at the Goregaon Police Station, which driven to the breakdown of their marriage. After being confined, Karan was in the long run liberated on safeguard. She afterward recorded a claim against him and his family for criminal terrorizing, settlement, and residential mishandle.

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