Navneet Kamboj Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Navneet Kamboj Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


If we seek for most dynamic and active art forms, the dance would perhaps be the clear forerunner. Dance has grace, energy, charisma, and flow. Dance has an uninhibited expression which is like nothing else. This time, we bring for you a phenomenal and influential dancer who is fast climbing the ladder of greatness. Navneet Kamboj is a shining new-age content creator. Who makes memes and vines with his editing skills and twisted comedy script, which makes his vines and memes different and extraordinarily funny.

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Nonchalant-Navneet was born on 6 April 1999 to a sincere government officer Naresh Kumar and a gentle homemaker in Karnal (the town of Karna, the magnanimous hero from Mahabharata) in Haryana. He grew up in the nurturing and fun-filled company of his dear sister Vitul, who is a confidant onto whom Navneet feels free to share everything happening in his life. Currently, he lives with his father and sister in Chandigarh while his mother lives with his uncle and aunt in Karnal.
He visits his mother in his hometown every weekend. Navneet got schooled in Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal. He did not switch to school and had a stable academic journey. Navneet is a rare intellect who hardly worked hard and yet secured respectable scores in examinations. He was inclined towards business and had opted for commerce after standard X. With little efforts, he could amass 80% marks in XII standard board examinations. For graduation, Navneet chose Chandigarh university, Gharaun, Punjab. He has recently earned his BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) degree in 2020. He is already placed in the prestigious Godrej and Boyce company and feels financially settled. He is now more concentrated on winning the heart of his audience and giving them the best content out of this clever mind.

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Not much is known about the appearance of this prolific dancer. He is a 5'8" tall dark guy with attractive and captivating looks. He is strong and a bit heftily built with around 80 kg of well-sculpted mass. The rest? is shrouded in uncertainty, like the enigma and mystery of his enchanting dance-form.

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This 21-year-old talent is a zealous dancer who started learning dance watching YouTube videos. He has a fair financial experience in life. He has worked a bit with his uncle's business and learned important lessons. He had also earned a bit by then. However, now that he is employed with a reputed company, he will really start earning.
He had a flamboyant college life. Equipped with YouTube-gained dancing moves, he began rocking college fests, setting dance floors ablaze. Then, he even switched to modeling where his towering built and good looks gave him good recognition. It was a moment of great joy and pride when Navneet won the "Mr. Fresh Face" title in Chandigarh university. This competition was aired on T.V. and brought Navneet a lot of fame and recognition. He went on further to end up runner up in modeling competition in Chandigarh state level. He also won a state-level dance competition, which got him further fame. Life then took a slightly wrong turn. Navneet reveals that he came in the wrong company type of people who shook his very world, and his life was all storm and earthquakes! He quickly recovered and stabilized soon. Navneet's love for dance is as old as time itself. Everyone used to tell him that he was so wonderful a dancer that he could easily make a great future and career in dance. His ability is rare and god-gifted because, as per Navneet, he never had a formal dance training and learned everything on his own. The show 'Dance India Dance' had a major influence on Navneet and it inspired him to evolve as a dancer. He learned that dance also demands acting skills and hence also worked a bit on his acting. Then our dashing Navneet started noticing how vines were exploding as the latest YouTube trends and got fascinated. He too wanted to give it a try and thus started making hilarious vine videos himself. Everyone loved it. However, he didn't expected to get into something like this as he was always kinda shy when it comes to speaking in front of a camera or audience But he was determined, and hence he started making Memes and vines That make people go ROFL. His friends, hence, suggested him to try meme-making. So, inspired by the great memer gajodharsinghcool, Navneet too started his own memes-page. Initially, he did not want to disclose his face and made only memes. Later on he relaxed a bit and started making vine videos.

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Navneet had an eventful school life. He was a damn popular guy known by most of the girls and on whom many girls crushed.  Navneet loves watching movies. However, he has a slightly unconventional taste. He tells us that he has no favorite actor. He rather focuses on their works individually. E.g., he loves Akshay Kumar for his work in Hera Pheri and Kesari. Similar is his views on actresses. Even with food, he has an open mind. He loves food in general. He does not have favorites.
All he feels is the cravings for good food.  Red is the color that resonates most with him. The movie Shutter (2004) has a real connection with Navneet who is into horror. He loves traveling, but yet again, he has no preferences. Wherever he can get to hang out with his gang of dudes, he is happy with it. He has a wide range of hobbies spanning from dancing and editing to meme-making and song-writing.
Navneet Kamboj is Aries and is apparently still single. As per Navneet, his greatness of goodness lies in being absolutely non-judgemental and helping people. His bad habit is being a spendthrift. Whatever thing or service pleases him, he consumes it immediately and never saves money for the future. He has tried smoking and drinking but is wise enough not to get caught in these indulgences. He does neither.  He shares a hilarious anecdote from his school days. In his economic coaching, all the 6 friends (including him) used to push hard against each other to slide the last guy out of the wooden bench. One day, during this tussle, Navneet somehow managed to have the bench broken!
The tutor had caught them in this act, and they had apologized. When the tutor replayed to their parents their act caught in CCTV and remarked, " Are you Junglee?". He couldn't keep a straight face and burst out laughing, straight on the tutor's face. Obviously, all His friends got thrown out!
He feels the greatest quality of a memer/content creator is the ability to adapt to the character and act accordingly. He claims that he was not naughty before he became naughty in standard 8. Questionably suspicious. Navneet's biggest dream is to own a giant business enterprise and has a lifestyle that would allow him to travel to different countries. Lofty vision!

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Here we can conclude there's no fixed path. One who used to dance is making people laugh Destiny is something that one can never understand completely Since he is loved by his fans, he knows he is on the right track.

He has the moves to match the grooves
Energies he exudes, to sway your moods
With rhythm, with class, grace and style
He captivates with his art agile
Like Lord-shiva, he dances intense
His steps astonish you, trap you in suspense
Sometimes he is fiery, sometimes bold sometime coy
Impossible to ignore, is his dance of joy
He will get to your heart, be careful Oh boy!
Impossible to ignore is his dance of joy

We all are positive that he will keep giving people a reason to smile and will keep rising higher and higher like the majestic eagle, rise beyond the clouds of doubts, obstacles, and hardships and shine bright like the sun to rain the sunshine of his dance upon thousands of dance-lovers and keep entertaining them and giving them endless moments of ecstasy and even Nirvana.

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