Muskaan Agarwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Muskaan Agarwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


Human life far from being all milk and roses, is also a tough battle. In darkest and saddest hours, humans naturally turn to the most essential - uplifting vibes or influence. It is now that the role of the influencer becomes most significant. Social media is a great avenue for all those who can make a positive difference and it is here from where emerge the social media influencers. This time, INFOSAURS is back with an uplifting influencer Muskaan who also happens to be an impressive actor and breathtaking model. Let us explore more about this genuine piece of art.

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Muskaan was born on 29 April 1997 in the grand city of Aligarh in U.P. Her joyful childhood was shared with her two bubbly brothers. Her schooling spanned a variety of cities which include Aligarh, Allahabad, Lucknow, Ranchi, & Bangalore. Post schooling, she graduated from college and was now a clinical psychologist. Then came the unexpected track change which transformed her very life. Currently, her family includes two dear bhabhis and 2 adorable nephews.

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25-year-old mesmerizing Muskan is truly an enchantress. A very pretty face with lifted cheekbones catches everyone's attention. Her natural brownish eyes lit her face further while her healthy, rich baby cute lips further her cherubic charms. Natural black hair with a tinge of blond furthers her X-factor. Scaling 5'1" and weighing 48 kg, she maintains a perfect figure of 34-28-34. She is not interested in tattooing her perfect body. And just another trivia - Musku (nicknamed so by family) is a Capricorn.

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Muskaan, lovingly known as Musku in her family, is an interesting personality. She revels in watching movies. Hum Sath Sath Hai is her favorite one. Her favorite web show is 'Apaharan'. Ranveer Sigh and Kareena Kapoor inspire her the most in terms of acting and Kareena ma'am is in fact her role model. On the food front, what excites her the most are Pizza and French Fries. She likes Black and White colours. When it is about traveling, her love for India becomes evident. She finds any place in India as a worthy travel destination.  For settling down, Musku will prefer Mumbai. Muskan has an interesting hobby of talking with strangers to get to know them better. It is her good habit and perhaps bad habit as well that she trusts people quite easily. She maintains her body well and avoids alcohol or smoke. Her secret for a happy life is 'to think about today and enjoy today'. Her dream is simple - to rule everyone's heart. Her inspiration behind the decision to become an actor was Kareena Kapoor ma'am's acting. That is almost all that is there about Muskaan's personality.

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As Muskaan repeatedly tells, acting and modeling came into her life like unexpected dreams. As already mentioned, Muskaan is a clinical psychologist. Everything was going smoothly and well normally until one fateful day in 2018, when she decided to jump boats to acting and modeling. Her first web show was The Office which was aired on Hotstar. It went down well with critics. After that, Muskaan acted in 'Faceless' in JioPrime which too was a success. After this, she did a series of episodic shows before turning her attention to modeling. She undertook several modeling projects which boosted her confidence and she grew as an artist. She started feeling more and more independent. And now it was time to get more serious about modeling. She also started bold and inspiring content on her Instagram and became an instant hit. Her Instagram musku_agarwal has a huge fan base of over 351k. And this is how her career is right now, growing and going strong.

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From the intricacies of psychology, she took a giant leap
Into the life of modeling and impactful acting deep
She is the influencer full of fame
To amaze is her craft - Muskaan is the name
Once a psychologist, 1000 hearts she now rules
Posting  bold, informative and inspiring content cool
Critically acclaimed webshows, sit safely in her kitty
She's won many applause - her acting genuine, witty
May the good work and acting keep growing strong
May Musku's career span great and long
Model,actor,influener - Muskaan is a wonder
May she continue blazing - bright as a thunder

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