Mungai Eve Is Once Again Compelled To Address Pregnancy Suspicions

Mungai Eve Is Once Again Compelled To Address Pregnancy Suspicions

YouTuber and content producer Mungai Eve has had to tell her fans that she is not pregnant for the nth time. She did this after asking her fans for ideas on what to do about her swollen stomach on her Instagram stories.

Based on their comments, several of her admirers believed that the content producer might be pregnant, which would explain why her tummy was bloated. Most people based their justification on pregnancies they had themselves.

Upon observing this, Mungai Eve has once more stated that she is not pregnant and that the cause of her bloated tummy is unrelated to pregnancy. She continued by pleading with her followers to cease praying for a blessing she is not yet prepared for.

This is not the first time the Youtuber has had to address pregnancy rumours, as was previously reported. In fact, she has occasionally been forced to chastise followers who ask her when she intends to have children.

"Am genuinely exhausted by this; ooh unashika mimba lini; mnatupea mtoto lini. Lord, who said we wanted children immediately? Aishi maisha yake vile anataka manze mtu. You'll never have any assistance raising that child, ukishampata hapa duniani "She disclosed.
She added that she does not feel pressured to start a family at this time and that her profession is her first concern. Eve went on to say that Director Trevor, her boyfriend, gets her and doesn't make her feel pressured to have kids.
Since they started dating, Eve and Trevor have worked together to create the Mungai Eve YouTube channel.

By doing interviews with various celebrities, Mungai Eve has carved out a niche for herself on the internet and watched her Youtube account grow to more than 600 000 subscribers.

However, there has been some controversy surrounding her internet presence. For instance, Mungai and Trevor promoted Bonfire Adventures a few weeks ago by posting pictures of their vacation online. While some admirers were giddy over the intimate photographs of the couple, others were busy looking at the cute content creator's possessions, both those that they had and those that they did not.

Well, if you've been following Mungai Eve for a while, you probably know that she doesn't put up with criticism from others, and this time, she was prepared with a vicious retort to her bullies.

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The content creator and colleague content creator Andrew Kibe have also faced a crossroads. The two could not allow Kibe to get away with criticising Eve and Trevor's love and foretelling its demise.
Eve began criticising Kibe right once, saying that she could not understand how, at his advanced age, he had the time to disparage young and rising stars in the business.
Eve continued by saying that it was insulting for a divorced man (Kibe) to lecture her on how relationships should function while he is not in any healthy relationships and that he had no right to offer such uninvited advise.

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