More Yautja have been killed by Predators Theta than all of the movie heroes combined.

More Yautja have been killed by Predators Theta than all of the movie heroes combined.

While previous would-be Predator victims have killed their fair share of Yautja, Predator's newest hero, Theta, has killed more of them than every movie hero combined. Yautja are an intergalactic race of Sci-Fi alien hunters known as Predators, or Yautja, who have made a number of appearances throughout their ongoing franchise. However, despite their renowned hunting ability across the cosmos, they seem to die quite a bit whenever
In 1987's Predator, the Predator race made its initial appearance, and even though it killed many people, Dutch eventually dispatched the alien adversary (or, rather, put in a position where it was forced to kill itself). The following Predator appearance occurred in the 1997 sequel movie Predator 2, where lead character Harrigan killed another Predator. The following movie was Predators from 2010, which distinguished itself from the rest of the franchise by being the first to not be set on Earth. The Yautjas bring a group of humans to their hunting grounds to serve as their prey, but the situation swiftly turns as the humans fight back and kill a total of three Predators (a fourth did die as well, but it was helping the humans and was killed by another Predator). The Ultimate Predator kills the "fugitive Predator" in the 2018 movie The Predator before McKenna, the main character, kills the Ultimate Predator. Finally, after a long game of cat-and-mouse, Naru kills a Predator in the 2022 prequel movie Prey.
Theta is struggling for her life after an unexpected Predator invasion on the frozen world of Tusket in Predator #3 by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker. Theta is a human and an extraterrestrial hunter, similar to the Yautja, however Theta hunts Predators instead of other alien species. When Theta was a young child, she saw a Predator kill everyone in her colony, including her family and friends. Since that terrible day, Theta has dedicated her life to tracking down and killing predators wherever they go, with the ultimate objective of identifying the predator that murdered her family. Although Theta's skill in predator hunting was made evident in the previous three issues, readers are clearly informed in this issue of just how skilled she truly is with an accurate Predator kill-count.
Theta has 23 confirmed kills and is the ultimate predator killer.
The sum of all the Predators who were murdered by the humans they were pursuing during the course of the five movies in the franchise is seven. One Predator was slain in the first film, one in the second as well, three in the third (again, excluding the Yautja who assisted humans), one in the fourth (again, except the Predator killed by another Predator), and one more in the fifth. Theta has already killed 23 Predators in her career, and she will undoubtedly kill more as the series goes on. This information is disclosed in this issue. Even if all of the Predator deaths from the Alien vs. Predator movies were included—the first film having no Predators die at the hands of humans, and the second, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, having only one Predator death as a result of a nuclear explosion (not including the two other Predators killed by the Predalien)—that would still only add one more death to the total—which is negligible in comparison to

Theta is without a doubt the best Predator-killer to ever appear in the franchise. Theta deliberately seeks them out and has killed close to twenty Yautjas, whilst the other Predator heroes are lucky if they can kill one of them per chance encounter. The facts are plain to see, and by a wide margin, Predator's Theta has killed more Yautja than all of cinema's heroes put together.

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