- by Lalit Naidu

It's 3 in the morning, in sleep I stir
Cognizance of reality is hard to occur
I laboriously squint, trying to know the time
An interrupted sleep!?- I hate me for my crime
My hand combs carelessly, feeling around
With great efforts sleepy, the phone is found
I pick up the cell, near my heart, to keep
Reunited with my life, I re-enter my sleep

It's this intimacy which makes everything worthwhile 
It's, for the phone mobile,  this love  immobile

It houses our friends, general knowledge, our art and our science
Multi-tasks, Multi-dimensions, It's a medley of million minds
Never-ending fascinations, Infinite possibilities- A self-sufficient world of its own
A Disneyland amid chaos is our dear darling phone
Amid billion reasons to sob, it is reason trillion to smile
It's, for the phone mobile,  this love  immobile
With some greasy stuff the screen is clogged
With this thing unclean, my peace is blocked
I pick a velvet and mop the glass
Restoring it back to its elegance and class
A stray scratch on the screen, refuses to part
Leaving behind a deep hole in my heart
In some moment  inopportune, my fate stands appalled
When my 'larger than life' phone makes a face-first fall
Never to be refixed, the screen is now 100 parts
And into tens of thousands of pieces, lies shattered my heart(s)
Like the first love 'o
Only', irreplaceable- which was this phone
Gets substituted by one far better,  before the absence is even known

It's almost midnight, and I'm almost set for sleeping
There's still a force mysterious, from sleeping,  me it's keeping
I visit, revisit and keep revisiting; like some revered biblical verses
I stroll the timeless and endless, cellphone-ly multi-verses 

With the motherly companion on my side, I doze with a baby smile
It is indeed a lullaby; for mobile, the love immobile
Like the relation between nippled bottle, And a suckling child
It's, for the phone mobile,  this love immobile
It's, for the phone mobile,  this love immobile

All Credit Goes to Lalit Naidu

His Facebook Id: Lalit Naidu

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