Misha Agrawal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More

Misha Agrawal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More


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I have come across many artists, actresses and models in my short history of blog-writing and very few of them have stood out, amazed and tickled my intelligence as profoundly as this smart girl. You will be joyed to know Misha Agrawal, one of the most ingenious, impactful and creative content-creator in YouTube. Funny, witty, full of expressions, sarcastic, dramatic, ironic and well-versed in the art of parody and subtle skill of roasting, Misha is a rare package. If you have a thing for binge-watching YouTube videos and a great apatite for comedy, Misha Agrawal is the one-stop-destination for you. There are very few YouTubers who are as versatile, accomplished and hilarious as Misha. So, the next time you are feeling a little low, when you need a hefty dose of humour-tonic and when you spirits are in a serious need of upliftment, I am sure you shall have no trouble choosing your doctor! All you need is a funny bone and Misha shall tickle you down to the bones.

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Prayaag means confluence. It means meeting of multiple entities. So, it was the prayaag (confluence) of the loves of Mr Manoj Agrawal and Mrs. Rajni Agrawal, which gave birth to Misha on 26.4.2001, in the holy city of Prayagraj, Allahabad in U.P. Also, it was the Prayaag (confluence) of mischiefs and pranks of Misha and her elder sisters Ritu and Mukta Agrawal which defined most part of the beautiful childhood which Misha happily spent in Prayagraj. Bishop Johnson school and college was the Alma-mater where Misha had her schooling. She passed out from school in 2019 and is currently in pursuit of BALLB (Bachelors of Arts- Bachelor of Legislative Law) from Allahabad State University. That should explain her good command over English, dramatic dialogue delivery and overall, a set of very effective communications skills. And while her graduate journey is ongoing, Misha has turned into a pretty interesting and powerful YouTube content-developer.

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It would be an act of insult to intelligence if one wishes to seek JEE rank or grade-XII score of a footballer or try to get the 100m-sprint best timing of a scientist. Similarly, unintellectual will be researching his artworks while deciding for a good doctor. Exactly same is true for the 19-year-old Misha. A wheatish-complexioned girl with a cute roundish bubbly face and small eyes, Misha Agrawal scales 5’1” and weighs a nominal 55kg. She may be best described as a girl with a slight built and a charming, somewhat naughty and winning smile. Now, that we are done testing the running ability of an eagle and flight of a fish, let’s get back to business. Just like the body and built forms the cornerstone of a model or actress, intelligence, communication and creativity form the bedrock of a content-developer. So, let us focus on that. A very unique and fresh perspective on events, people and situation, a good diction, clear speech, a very good oration and pretty decent theatrical skills, Misha is one interesting performer.

The Zodiac sign of Sagittarius usually predicts certain traits for women- Adventurous, fun-loving, sociable and friendly and determined to live the life to its fullest. They are typically described as sharpshooters who speak their mind. Each and every of the said traits is essayed in Misha’s videos. Crazy, brutally honest, dauntless, amusing and witty- her videos are all in one.

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Misha is still an undergrad student pursuing BA-LLB (bachelors of Arts- Batchelor of Legislative Law). Obviously, she is not and can not be a thorough professional right now. Despite the busy schedule and the famous truckloads of course material borne by poor law-students, Misha has successfully run a very successful YouTube channel, ‘The Misha Agrawal Show’ for over 3 years, now. When asked about how it all began, she has a very interesting story to offer. She says that it is the usual perception that our parents are kind of slow in learning new technologies and latest gadgets. Parents are not expected to be very Tech-savvy. However, in her case, it was her mother who had introduced Misha to the world of YouTube and content-development and video-making. She still remembers herself sitting on stairs till 3 am in the morning, writing her first script. Misha adds that whatever little success she has (little? Humility?), she owes it all to her mom. We are really grateful to her supermom for igniting this young mind and shaping such a wonderful YouTuber who shall continue to entertain masses for decades (or centuries if she decides to live longer).

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When we ask her when was the start of her career, Misha says that it was 28.3.2017. The video, titled ‘Examination Hall- A word almost similar to death or nightmare” was a very interesting one. The beauty and artistry with which she describes the fears, humour, hopes, anxiety, anger and other emotions of an examinee in an exam hall grips all our hearts and makes us smile, fondly remembering our own exam days in school life. So, it was this day when this streak of a genius fully expressed herself for the first time on a social media platform. It must have been such a memorable day.  And since that day, she has never looked back. Currently, Misha runs a very popular YouTube channel ‘The Misha Agrawal Show’ which has over 89 videos and 1500 subscribers. One of her latest videos called ‘UnErase Poetry Parody’ is a very jocular performance. The way she describes the role of voice modulation, accent and most importantly the background music in making a gem out of any ordinary piece of poetry, is hilarious and will make you laugh till your sides ache.

Misha’s excellent sense of humour is displayed when she answers the question ‘What is the source of your income?’. She says, “Grocery shopping me jo paise bach jaate hain, wo hamare”. Going by her trend, it won’t be an exaggeration to believe that one of these coming years, we will see Misha in the league of top Indian YouTubers, alongside CarryMinati, Sandeep Maheshwari and BB KI Vines.

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Deepika Padukone, Tapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar are one of her favourite actresses. Among actors, she loves the energy levels of Ranveer Singh and versatility and multi-talented Ayushman Khurrana. Misha is a passionate about creating content and she speaks her mind out through her videos. Strangely, although she is a YouTuber, she aspires to be an IAS officer. People might find these two aspirations polar opposite, but Misha does not think so. She believes that one need not give up on studies to follow their passion and studies and passion can go hand in hand. She does not have any tattoo because she feels that may lose her a government job. She is a romantic person and an enthusiastic traveller. She dreams of visiting Paris once. Misha generally does not go with the trend and she tends to speak what is correct and right and does not really go with the majority’s view. She thinks that her work should be a sufficient enough advertisement of her talent and finds no need for promotions. So, she does not promote her work. Does she have any bad habit? She definitely thinks so. She says that she is very lazy and very conservative. Does she love animals and own one? Yes, she loves animals. But, her mother does not allow her to keep an animal, because for her, Misha is enough. Very funny! She is a very positive person. She does not get offended by hate comments and in fact, she finds them funny.

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To sum up, Misha is a combination of smartness, humour, passion, love, affection, humour and above all a never-say-die attitude and positive mindset. We all hope that she keeps her great work up and we believe as much as we hope that one day, we shall see Misha in the multi-million subscriber category of Youtubers. We look forward for more amazing entertainment videos and pray that this emerging star will soon turn into an established star in the dazzling light of YouTube sky.

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