Mel C is on Hinge seeking for love.

Mel C is on Hinge seeking for love.

The 48-year-old ex-Spice Girl chose to register on the mainstream website rather than the elite Raya, which is preferred by many famous people, like Cara Delevingne.

After her seven-year relationship with music producer Joe Marshall ended in August, Mel told the 'Not My Bagg' podcast about finding it difficult to find a match on Hinge, as was revealed by The Sun on Tuesday night (18.10.22): Why is Hinge so special?

I'm single and I took a quick look around, but there aren't many options.

There seem to be a lot of attractive women, but all the attractive men are homosexual.
Mum-of-one Mel, actual name Melanie Jayne Chisolm, also discussed how she feels conflicted about her ex-bandmate Victoria Beckham's husband David being the face of a lucrative new World Cup 2022 campaign in Qatar, where homosexuality is prohibited.
I'm an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, so I'd feel extremely awkward supporting it, she remarked.

"I realise that people want to discuss how sport may alter culture, but it can be difficult when there is so much money at stake.

"It's challenging. Everyone must make their own decisions, including David, who is a buddy.

Melanie said in her autobiography "Who I Am" that she was crushed following a failed relationship with 48-year-old ex-Take That singer Robbie Williams. Melanie, who was in the Spice Girls with Victoria, 48, Geri Horner, 50, Emma Bunton, 46, and Mel B, 47, was also in the Spice Girls.

"Robbie did behave poorly, he led me on and then abruptly dumped me at a time when I was quite vulnerable," she said in the book.

"He did hurt my heart a little bit, but I don't feel anything awful about him right now. I felt degraded and hurt.

He chased me and later treated me poorly; he was someone I had idolised.

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