Meet the New Pinhead in Hellraiser Trailer: Hulus Horror Reboot

Meet the New Pinhead in Hellraiser Trailer: Hulus Horror Reboot

For the upcoming "Hellraiser" revival, which stars Jamie Clayton as the recognisable pin-riddled antagonist Pinhead, Hulu has published an official video.

Odessa A'zion's Riley, a young woman, is wrecked by Pinhead in the trailer. The 2022 sequel centres on Riley, who battles addiction and discovers an antiquated puzzle box whose sole purpose is to call up Cenobites, savage supernatural creatures who go to Earth from another dimension. Doug Bradley played the Cenobites' leader in the 1987 original movie; it wasn't until the following sequels that Pinhead was revealed to be him. Six straight-to-home movies, four theatrical releases, and numerous comic books make up the "Hellraiser" franchise.
The 1986 novella "The Hellbound Heart," which Clive Barker previously adapted into the 1987 film, is the basis for the new movie. The remake was directed by David Bruckner, and Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski co-wrote the screenplay from a scenario they co-wrote with David Goyer, the author of "Batman Begins."

Brandon Flynn, Goran Vinji, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Selina Lo, and Hiam Abbass complete the cast of the movie.

With Bruckner, Collins, and Piotrowski aboard, development on the reboot began in 2019. Months before production started in September 2021, in June 2021, A'Zion was chosen for the lead part. Clayton was only revealed to be playing the recognisable villain after filming was over. The project had a rapid turnaround and wrapped up in October.

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