Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, claimed that George Harrison was unwilling to discuss The Beatles but was willing to talk about one of his solo albums.

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, claimed that George Harrison was unwilling to discuss The Beatles but was willing to talk about one of his solo albums.

George Harrison performed his own voice in the episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" of The Simpsons Season 5. George loved comedy and was always a good sport. When people began enquiring about The Beatles, George wasn't too happy.
The producers of The Simpsons intended to keep George a secret.
The casting director informed the comedy's showrunners, Al Jean and Mike Reiss, that George was coming and that they were to keep it a secret, according to the DVD commentary for Season 5 of The Simpsons. The employees was supposed to be surprised by it.

When George was writing his lines, Jean, Reiss, and the series' creator Matt Groening visited him. Groening returned to the writer's room, but was unaware of the intended surprise, and exclaimed, "Guess who I just met! Harrison, George!

That statement had to have surprised some people, though.
Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons," claimed that George turned distant when people inquired about The Beatles.
Groening remarked that having George in the studio was wonderful. When people began enquiring about The Beatles, George, however, lost interest. Fortunately, the author recognised which query would please George.
At the Paley Festival in 2007, Groening remarked, "When you meet them and you don't talk about the Beatles, they get really delighted" (per Harrison Archive). We did discuss the Beatles, but when I brought up one of solo albums by George Harrison, "Wonderwall Music," his eyes lit up.

Groening said that George seemed "very depressed" and unenthusiastic when asked about The Beatles in the episode commentary. George "perked up," nevertheless, when Groening asked him about Wonderwall Music. George's debut solo record frequently went unnoticed.

Groening admitted that he was uncomfortable answering inquiries about The Beatles, but he thought George was sweet and kind to everyone. Strangely, George continued to resent inquiries regarding The Beatles. George had accepted his membership in the Fab Four by 1993.
He gradually accepted himself as a Beatle.
It's fortunate that George didn't let inquiries about The Beatles tarnish his appearance as himself on The Simpsons. He was tired of being recognised solely as George from the Beatles.

George Harrison's spiritual and musical journey is detailed in the book Here Comes The Sun. I don't want to die as 'George Harrison record producer,' 'George Harrison lead guitarist,' or even just a Beatle,' George was reported by Joshua M. Greene as stating. All of them are me, but not really. When people begin stereotyping, it's time to move on. I have no limits. We are all limitless.

George, though, stated to Creem Magazine in 1987 that he accepted his status as a Beatle.

As things have calmed down, I've accepted it and it has faded into the past. We've aged and new generations have emerged," George remarked. To the point where I could go outside, stroll down the street, enter a store, and simply do regular everyday things that ordinary people do, I spent years avoiding interviews and appearing on TV. Everything is enjoyable and in good taste.

"And now, if someone approaches you and says, "Alright, George," thanking you for all the music you've done in the past and what you've been doing, that's good. Anyone could become insane due to the focused mania.

George eventually came to the conclusion that The Beatles were here to stay. Why then do you still harbour grudges?

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