Marriage Sages

Marriage Sages

On a merry day; merrily I cycled
My workplace promised me; an early arrival
The main gate greeted me; with a stillness solemn
My humble cycle steered; towards one of the columns
An unexpected entry; an old cyclist makes
Reflexively I pace; I gracefully overtake

Nature's a great equalizer; A communist bother?
At the security check; Comrades to eachanother! We waited together
Satisfied with fate; He flashed a fatherly smile
Why all that hurry? Why race? Why the extra mile?
Clear as a crytal; my purpose dances
"Just for fun"; comes my answer
Bemused and amused; the oldie claps my back
"Ah!! young and the unmarried; what a swell lad!"
Enjoy, rejoice, relish; laugh till it lasts
All rosy and carefree; until that knot tied fast!

Can't make its head or tail; my confusion rages
Unable to digest the plenty; wisdom from "Marriage sages"

A security staff smiles; then giggles and smirks
Apparently understanding the oldie; and how that wisdom works
Basking in glee and aura; the greybeard beamed
Wisdom had met wisdom; and boomed, it seemed

That's what marriage is; a chalice of esoteric knowing
Having drunk which; one's intelligence keeps echoing
Oh you are too young! Live up and ripe
Way too immature; to fully grasp the life
Oh fitness is temporary; just a prenuptial-bliss
This union is the peak; from where there's just abyss
Aha free time? Just a concept; pre-wedding
Just wait for your kids; all freedom goes shredding
And there's this universal;  enlightened twinkle
Which only "Marriage sages"; throw with a wise jingle

Condescendence, superiority; self-reverence reeks
With each and every thing; which "Marriage sages" speak!  

Ways of immediate departure; I now contemplated
Politely irritated; with the "Marriage sages"
Faster than a cheetah; my cycle accelerated
Politely irritated; with the "Marriage sages"

- by Lalit Naidu

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Pincode of Brauweiler, Landkreis Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Pincode of Hamburg Neustadt, Hamburg, Freie und Hansestadt, Hamburg, Germany.
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Pincode of Lassan, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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