Mann Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Mann Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


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Social media is a powerful engine which can drive opinions, spread awareness and mold people's ideologies. It is a very potent tool and there are few capable personalities which can responsibly and effectively use this great power. One of such influencers whom we are going to highlight today is Mann Jain. She has quite a popular following in Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This Gujrati girl is a unique artist who creates quality content which is a mix of fun, entertainment, and intelligent information. This is an effort to know more about this talented influencer. So, sit tight and read through this interesting journey of infotainment.



Masst Mann was born on 24 December 1994 to responsible daddy Vinod Prajapati and loveful momma Neeta Prajapati in Surat in Gujarat. Her heartwarming childhood was shared with a caring brother and a sweet sister in her hometown, the beautiful Bharuch. Her quality schooling was conducted in the popular Government Girls School. Then, Mann graduated from Wadia Women College. And thus were the humble beginnings of this now famous artist.

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26-year-old Mann Jain is an absolute beauty. She has a pretty and angular face with prominent cheeks, sharp jawlines, shapely jaws. Her sharp diamond-shaped nose and thin but full lips adds prominence to her unique face. She has dark black eyes and long straight and black hair. This captivating face sits atop a chiseled and sculpted body standing 5'4" tall with an attractive figure measuring 33-26-34. She does not shy away from modern funky trends and sports a tattoo on her wrist. Mann is a Capricorn. She has a bubbly personality which is reflected in every post of hers.  She has a great fashion sense which is evident in her delightful dresses. Overall, she is a magnetic presence who is an inborn influencer.

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Merry Mann's life was not always a bed of roses. She's from a poor family and had to struggle hard from her childhood. This hard-working star earlier did a job for three years to support her family financially. Then she chose to be a social media influencer. Her career started with an impressive graduation in the field of entertainment. She had all her priorities sorted and her goal was clear and hence, her education was in line with her career of choice.  Instagram is what changed her world. As a fashion influencer, Mann Jain shares exceptional posts which have benefitted and amazed millions! She has a whopping 38k+ followers which stand testimony to the huge popularity and success which Mann enjoys. Also, lovely Mann runs a YouTube channel which again has an enormous 33k+ followers. She has several videos who have amassed tens of thousands of views and thousands of likes.

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Mann has simple and amusing hobbies like watching TV and sleeping. She likes good food and enjoys Dal chawal and items from Subway. Mann likes watching quality movies to draw inspiration for life. Rockstar and Dangal have particularly interested and impressed her. In webseries, she is a lover of Ghoul and Asur. When asked about her travel destinations, she jokingly tells that she is happy 'home alone'. Among actors, Akshay Kumar appears most appealing to her and Deepika Padukone is her most cherished actress. She leads a colourful and celebrative life and her favourite colour is red.

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According to her, her bad habit is being too trusting and innocent. She takes great care of her health and neither drinks nor smokes. To be happy in life Mann feels that all decisions should be taken from the heart. Her biggest dream is buying a car and to be a part of a rocking wrestling crowd like the one cheering legendary Indian wrestler Mahaveer Phogat. Mann is very humble. She feels that she is full of many useless talents and she is trying to make good use of them.   
She loves watching MMA matches and wishes to someday get to see a live MMA match in Manchester. She has one big dream of meeting Akshay Kumar, Caryminati, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh and BB (Bhuvan Bam) in person! Although she has many ambitions and aspirations, her family is her top priority. According to her, she is a girl who finds positivity in everything. Also, she is a very jolly person who is always happy. Strangely, she says that she has no problem with fake, negative and double faced people because they teach us so much in life. 

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From a poor family humble
On a rockstar, INFOSAURS stumbles
A guru in the art of fashion 
Meet Mann Jain, a picture of passion
Insta and YouTube, she sets of fire
Everyone she captivates, with her lovely attire
To help people be prettier, seems like her duty
Follow Mann Jain, to learn more about beauty

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