Love Those Moments: Jenna Bush Hager on Finding Fun in the Tedious Parts of Parenting

Love Those Moments: Jenna Bush Hager on Finding Fun in the Tedious Parts of Parenting

Jenna Bush Hager discusses the "not glamorous and sometimes be draining" aspects of motherhood.

The Today co-host, 40, opened up to PEOPLE about her new partnership with Dawn, for which she wrote a digital children's book called The Wonderful World of Blue. She also discussed how she finds joy in the more challenging parts of being a mom.

The mother of three acknowledged that there are also "parts of mothering that are dull and can be boring," noting that she has "wrote in past books that sometimes I hide from the kids in the cupboard and just have a cheese stick."

She said, "I try to think that's life, that's what we're doing, that's what we're living, even the boring parts. Even in the tedious aspects of parenthood, "I strive to find the love and the pleasure that I know I feel for my kids."

Bush Hager, who along with her husband Henry Hager has three children, Henry "Hal" Harold, 2, Poppy Louise, 6, and Margaret "Mila" Laura, 9, said, "That's what I hope."
She continued, "I hope I can have fun even when I'm tired, ready for bed, and have urged them to brush their teeth for the hundredth time." I really want to make an effort to cherish those times because they are all we have.

Bush Hager also praised the special relationship between her three children and their 13-month-old cousin Cora Georgia, as well as her excitement at watching twin sister Barbara Bush Pierce recently become a mother, in other parts of the conversation.

As Bush Hager said to PEOPLE, "I think witnessing somebody you love become a mom, watching [Barbara] have her dreams come true has been this tremendous blessing."

She continued, "She adores motherhood; it's just the most natural, amazing thing for her. "I adored it. Being an aunt is wonderful. That tiny baby pumpkin is adorable!"
After Cora was born, Bush Hager wrote a touching Instagram post to honour her niece.

She penned, "Greetings, Cora Georgia. I finally got to meet my most stunning, adorable, and spirited niece today—a little early than we had anticipated!"

She commented, "I watched in astonishment as my dearest, hardest @barbara.p.bush became a mother," and included several images from the hospital. "And today is the day that I started dating! Some of your cousins can't wait to play with you, but not yet, love. Aunt J, xo"

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